Susan Kashack retires after over three decades

In the time of typewriters and pagers, Susan Kashack was creating a Sonoma State University community that will forever follow her legacy. Kashack started her journey 32 years ago at Sonoma State. She chose to spend her undergraduate years as a communications major.

Finding that communications was the perfect fit for her, she dreamed of pursuing a career in marketing. The interesting classes Sonoma State provided gave her adequate preparation for her masters program at San Francisco State University.

Kashack grew to love the Sonoma State community so much that she dedicated the rest of her career to make this blossoming campus thrive. Kashack loved communications so muchshe even became one of the advisors for the Sonoma State Star. After 32 years, in a time of growth in the Sonoma State community, she has found that now is a good time to start a new adventure, retirement.

“Susan has been a colleague of mine for 13 years. She loves Sonoma State and will be greatly missed,” said Sandi Destiny, a colleague in University Affairs.

Kashack is very well known on the Sonoma State campus. Like many educators, Kashack did her work primarily for her students.

“My biggest accomplishment would be my students. We have had students intern in our office and go big places. It’s just really cool to see them go far,” said Kashack.

Looking back,  Kashack wishes she could bring back the employees who built the campus to what it is now, so that they could see what the foundation they created has become. Her colleague Jinnea Mullins shared that Kashack never missed anything at Sonoma State and was there through all the historic events that occurred throughout the years.

Kashack plans to travel with her husband to Chicago to see a San Francisco Giants vs. Chicago Cubs game. She also plans to travel to Washington, D.C .and Niagara Falls.

While she is very excited to travel, she is looking forward to spending her time at home finishing projects, gardening and catching up on television shows. Kashack still plans to volunteer with the Cotati Chamber of Commerce, as she has done for years.

Kashack has given all her time and energy to making Sonoma State University what it is today. She has been through all of Sonoma State’s ups and downs.  Kashack’s colleague Jean Wasp described her as an “icon.”

From her contribution to the STAR, dedication to her students and commitment to her colleagues, Susan Kashack will leave a legacy on the Sonoma State campus.