Student athletes set GPA record

The Sonoma State University Seawolves have set a new GPA record for the second straight year. Sonoma State’s student-athletes earned a combined GPA of 3.097 during the 2015-2016 school year, breaking their record set in 2014-2015 of 3.037.

Individual student-athletes have also earned academic accolades, helping Sonoma State set yet another record. Sonoma State’s website reports that 93 student-athletes received all-academic honors. 

70 student-athletes were honored by the California Collegiate Athletic Association conference, which is more than any other California State University campus. 

The CCAA’s website explains to earn this honor, a student needs to be of at least sophomore standing, have at least a 3.3 GPA and participate in a sport sponsored by the conference during the season that they are honored.

“None of this happens without the student-athlete being motivated and having a passion for learning. We have very basic department goals in academic excellence, competitive success and community outreach emphasizing those characteristics on a regular basis,” said Athletic Director Bill Fusco, “We make sure our student-athletes, their respective teams and coaching staffs are recognized for their achievement in academics.”

Of the fourteen athletic programs offered at Sonoma State, ten earned a combined GPA over 3.0 last year.

The athletic department celebrated this achievement on their social media pages. On Twitter, they expressed gratitude for the outstanding faculty for the part they played in keeping students on track. 

The athletic department also offered congratulations to the cross country team for earning the highest GPA as a team, together earning a 3.333. 

Student athletes were also honored on the athletic department’s Facebook page, as well as other social media sites linked to Sonoma State University.

This achievement was also mentioned on Sonoma State’s main social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter. Both posts include links to the athletic department’s website for more information. Sonoma State’s Facebook post congratulating student-athletes has been liked over 100 times. The school’s tweet about the accomplishment was shared by Sonoma State’s new president, Dr. Judy K. Sakaki on her own Twitter account. 

“The tremendous academic achievements of our student-athletes are certainly a testament to our outstanding coaches and staff, but most of all to the hard work of our student-athletes,” said Associate Athletic Director Brandon Bronzan. “The time demand put on student-athletes often makes academic excellence a challenge.  The fact that we had 93 student-athletes earn all-academic status and that our department GPA was over 3.0 shows how remarkable our student-athletes really are.” 

This achievement has a place of pride on Sonoma State’s website, ensuring that all Sonoma State students see the good news when they go to log on to their account. The record has earned a mention in the local newspaper, The Community Voice, ensuring that the community even outside of campus is aware of our student-athlete’s success.

“I believe the commendation for this exceptional achievement can be shared among the student-athletes, coaches and our staff that provide academic support and advising. Our coaches recruit the right student-athletes to Sonoma State University,” said Fusco. “These elite student-athletes are driven and realize the value of completing an undergraduate degree.  I thank our student-athletes for prioritizing and excelling in their academic endeavors. They are making the most of a very special educational opportunity in the classroom and on the venue of competition.”