University District starting to sell homes

A large development is being constructed right next to Sonoma State University that offers 1,236 single-family homes, encompassing 260 acres. It’s named the University District and is located right across the street from the Green Music Center. 

According to the development’s website, not only are there are nearly 300 houses coming soon, but commercial real estate is also available. Students can also expect to see shops and restaurants in the University District. Some of the houses are already for sale, and the construction team made a notable leap forward this summer. 

By adding homes and shops just across Rohnert Park Expressway to the Green Music Center, it brings some activity to the area considered to be on the outskirts of campus. It will give students attending class in the Green Music Center a closer option to dine. 

According to the listing for the property, “amenities include a bocce court, playground, covered picnic area, sports fields and an adjacent park.”

The original plans for University District were proposed a decade ago, but those never panned out due to financial concerns. In 2013, an updated plan was presented to Rohnert Park City Council. They approved it in 2014. 

In 2015, the long awaited project began construction. A field began its transformation to a large-scale real estate development. Currently, the lot is mostly dirt where the houses will be built. There are a few model homes already finished that can be viewed and many more houses are being worked on. There are also new roads being paved. The neighborhood will have two parks and 60 acres of on-site open space, according to the University District website.

“The walking and bicycle trails that are planned will further add a connectedness, expanding living and recreational areas to those campus community members who may live there,” said Susan Kashack, chief communications officer, told the STAR when construction broke ground. 

The University District website advertises the “3 miles of on-site trails linking to the city, Sonoma State University [and the] Green Music Center.” 

The development is named University District because of its proximity to the school; this project is not overseen by Sonoma State University.

The University District can help house the growing population of Rohnert Park. In 1970, the city had less than 10,000 residents. Today, over 40,000 people live here. The demand for housing is high which is why this residential development is being built. Many students have trouble finding off-campus housing, especially close to Sonoma State. 

University District has homes starting at $600,000 so it could be a viable option for students moving off-campus.  Kashack also told the STAR that she “expects the homes, apartments and commercial areas will offer opportunities for our students, faculty and staff.”

The houses that are coming soon are considered single-family homes and they offer the potential to house many students. However, they are for sale now so the houses would need to be leased to students through the owner. This provides no immediate option for students searching for housing in the near future.  For more information on the large scale housing project, visit