Stolen department carts located by police

The first week of school was met with anticipation by many students. Unfortunately for the golf carts around campus, they started the week on campus on the wrong foot. During the first week, multiple golf carts from various departments were stolen from the school and were found days later. According to Bill Fusco, director of athletics for Sonoma State, one particular golf cart was stolen from the athletic department twice in the past week.

“One of our electric carts was taken twice, but in both cases, the cart was recovered with little or no damage. We are quite fortunate that the cart was recovered.”  said Fusco.

The cart was found in the middle of the redwood trees near the soccer game field just across from the South Fieldhouse offices.

“We have purchased a more secure lock for the cart and also exploring the possibility of moving the cart parking area to a different location within the PE complex.” said Fusco.

The other stolen carts were found, including the cart used by the Communications Department to deliver The Sonoma State Star. The location of where those carts were found is still under wraps as it is part of an ongoing investigation by the police department.

“We are encouraging our supportive community to call SSU Police Services with any information that may be helpful with our efforts in this regard. We also encourage our community to call SSU Police Services if they observe suspicious behavior or activity on campus.” said Acting Chief of Police, David Dougherty.

Kassie Crawford, senior, works on campus delivering mail all over Sonoma State. 

“The carts are a privilege and they serve an important purpose. When one gets stolen, it can derail a department’s productivity, and since most of our departments work together and rely on each other, it can cause delays all around campus in multiple ways. If you really want to drive a golf cart that badly, get a job in facilities. We are hiring.” Crawford said.

If you know any information about the stolen golf carts call SSU Police Servicesat 707-664-4444.