Sonoma State literary magazine now accepting submissions

Sonoma State’s very own literary magazine, Zaum, will be releasing its 21st edition this semester. Formally known as the Mandala, and since 1996 as Zaum, the student-run magazine focuses on publishing works created by other students.

“These authors range from local students to students across the nation,” said Sean Johnson, senior editor of Zaum. “On average, we get close to 200 applicants in our timeline.”

Each issue publishes work such as poetry, fiction, nonfiction or visual art of about 20 to 30 different applicants. 

In order to be eligible, you must be a current student and not had your piece published elsewhere.

Pieces are accepted or rejected by a majority vote. When a majority decision can’t be made, the senior editor is the one who makes the final decision. 

The senior editor is the only one who sees the names of the person who has submitted their work. To make sure that editors accept the pieces on merit only, they remove the applicant’s name from the piece.

Zaum has received many national student awards from the Associated Writing Programs; in 1996 for its editorial vision and in 1998 for graphic design. Student work was also nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

“Students are encouraged to send any and all work that they would like to try and have published,” said Johnson. “Our publication has won awards for its content and can likely help students get their foot in the door with any sort of work they are likely trying to accomplish.”

The magazine is shared throughout the Bay Area, and is even distributed nationally and internationally because of the contributing students from other states or countries.

Submissions for for Zaum XS, their online edition, are to be turned in before the deadlines (Priority: Feb. 27 and Final: March 10). 

Submissions can be sent to