Stevenson elevator causes frustration after numerous email alerts

Members of the Sonoma State University community may not be surprised to hear that the elevator in Stevenson Hall has been having issues. Students, faculty and staff regularly receive emails informing them of the campus elevator problems, and have already received five notifications regarding the Stevenson elevator this semester.

Among concern for the increasing frequency of problems with the elevator, is curiosity regarding the steps being taken to ensure the elevator is safe for use. According to emails sent by Christopher Dinno, senior director for Facilities Management and

Capital Planning, Design and Construction, replacement parts were ordered and installed in both 2010 and 2012.

Despite promises made to “ensure that this problem is resolved in a safe and timely manner” via email by Dinno in January 2014, the Stevenson Hall elevator continued to malfunction eight more times.

Director of Operations and Engineering for Facilities Management John Duke, has expressed his understanding toward the need for timely repairs.

“The University understands the urgent need to bring the elevator back in service as soon as possible to ensure accessibility to all campus members,” said Duke.

Despite a majority of the problems involving the Stevenson Hall elevator, faculty members have expressed their concern toward the condition other elevators as well. 

“I am very troubled by the noises emanating from the Nichols Hall elevator. [It] sounds like scraping metal,” said Adam Hill, coordinator of clinical mental health counseling. Hill, who has been at Sonoma State since 1998, noted that he hadn’t ever heard the elevator produce those noises before.