CSU extends application deadline

The CSU system has made the decision to extend its application deadline from Dec. 1 to Dec. 15 because of the California wildfires. “The university previously announced a series of accommodations for applicants affected by recent wildfires, but the CSU has now extended the entire priority application window to ensure that all applicants have the opportunity to apply to their desired CSU campuses,” the CSU announced. 

The 23 campuses across the state starting accepting applications back in Oct. 1. The CSU systems have acknowledged that students and their families have faced “hardship due to wildfires affecting the entire state.” 

The news report encourages students to visit Cal State Apply, where they can learn about the different degree programs at each of the 23 campuses, as well as information about housing and student life. 

The CSU system also encourages students to seek information about financial aid. “Students should visit the university’s financial aid website and apply for financial aid or learn more about financial aid options. Eighty percent of CSU students receive some type of financial aid, and more than half of all CSU undergraduates receive enough financial aid to cover the full cost of tuition.”

Natalie Kalogiannis, the Director of Admissions for SSU explains that most prospective students wait until last minute to turn their applications in. “At this point it’s hard to say whether this extension in time will increase our application number.” Kalogiannis explains that CAL state apply will not allow any late applications to go through the system. If students are past the cutoff deadline, they need to contact University’s directly and appeal for a late application. 

Kalogiannis addresses the Sonoma County fires that happened last year. “Not all 23 CSU campuses extended their application deadlines, but Sonoma State definitely did.” 

Kalogiannis said the application actually decreased last year from the previous year, perhaps due to the fires or due to the new application system. “It’s hard to say, it was a brand new application system, which was longer and maybe we were getting applications before that didn’t have any intention of coming to Sonoma State, It’s hard to compare because it’s two completely different systems.”