Sonoma State employee Jennifer Page-Genzoli passes away from cancer

Jennifer Page-Genzoli was 35 years old when she passed on Dec. 2. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2013 from carrying a gene which her mother had, according to her husband Travis Genzoli. It was a steady battle from then on. 

She immediately got a double mastectomy and had beat breast cancer. Unfortunately, in 2015 she had a stroke which revealed a brain tumor so she did radiation and everything seemed fine, Travis explained. He states, “In September of 2016 that tumor started having weird activity so she had brain surgery and things started to calm down.” But in 2017, smaller tumors in the brain appeared, different from the original one. Jennifer had to receive immunotherapy from C.H.I.P.S.A. Therapy Hospital in Mexico. Except in November, Jennifer got a call from her doctor saying the tumor is all over her spine and they can no longer help her. One month later she passed away in the comfort of her home. 

During her last month, she went through hospice care. Jennifer was constantly having friends and family visit her to enjoy these last moments with her. They described her as a kind soul, a dedicated worker, with a calm presence and a great sense of humor. Lisa Moore, a coworker, states, “I remember looking at her, thinking, you would never know she had cancer or was going through chemo. Her attitude was great.” 

Travis explained how she was always keeping up with the new hit songs, stating, “It was like she was still in college the way she listened to music.” He also shared one of her hobbies was refurbishing furniture or crafting things. Carmen Diaz Misa, a coworker said, “The first day she came back from one of her medical leave, she gave everyone in the office a spider plant that she had hand painted, all the vases with different designs.” 

Jennifer graduated from Sonoma State University and originally was an office aid during her studies. She was offered a position after couple years after graduating, in 2012. She worked in the Financial Aid Office for four years, according to Susan Gutierrez, the Director of Financial Aid. Gutierrez states, “Jennifer’s last work activity was giving up a Saturday to help Upward Bound high school seniors and their parents complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as they prepare for their college journey.” 

She had a beautiful relationship with her husband Travis; they were together for 12 years. In August 2012, they got married with an outdoor wedding in Humboldt County. Travis states, “We were best friends who did everything together. Our wedding was so beautiful. She was so beautiful, she always had been but that day especially. I felt like the luckiest person in the world.” 

Travis and Jennifer went on amazing trips together. One of his favorites was when they traveled to Costa Rica after she had beaten breast cancer. He explained the trip as a symbol for making it through the tough times. Travis described her as a great chef, who worked out regularly, and an avid learner. “She researched everything so she would already know what the doctors were going to tell her and came prepared with questions, she even did this with our trips,” he said. 

But most importantly, Travis and Jennifer had two dogs, who basically did everything with them. Luna, a black lab mix is 18-years-old and Miso, a healer is 14-years-old. They even took them on their honeymoon to Monterey Bay. “We went on as many trips with Luna and Miso as we could,” Travis said. “Anything that included driving.” 

Travis emphasised how much Jennifer loved her job and all the people that worked there. “We’re both so thankful to move down here and to have this care,” he said. “Especially the insurance from working with Sonoma State was so amazing it took care of 99 percent of her treatments.” He wants to personally thank Sonoma, her coworkers, her friends, and her family for wanting to help her through it all. “Everyone was really helpful and great. You don’t realize how much support you have until it’s there and I’m so appreciative for all the people who helped us through this.”