Incoming freshmen guaranteed housing for the first time

Sonoma State University can now be added to the list of colleges that guarantee housing to first time freshmen, beginning for students committing to come here in the fall of 2018. 

First time freshmen admitted for fall who pay their housing down payment, enrollment reservation deposit, and orientation deposit by April 23, 2018, will be guaranteed a spot in on-campus housing for the 2018-2019 year. This does not guarantee a particular community or specific room type.

“Part of this is based of enrollment targets, not current freshmen students,” said Nicole Hendry, director of student housing at Sonoma State. “We used a date that we felt that we would be able to accommodate students without having to add additional spaces.”

Hendry said that triples will be added into one of the freshmen living villages, Verdot Village, to free up more space. 

Because of this, there will be additional space for the current population such as in the upperclassmen living in Sauvignon Village. 

More space in Sauvignon Village implies that more space will then be offered to current students who will want to live on campus next year. 

Lizeth Arroyo, a sophomore currently living in Sauvignon Village, says that more housing on campus could help students not be pressured to find housing outside of the dorms.

“For me, living in the dorms was the best option to get my college experience because I didn’t feel ready to have the responsibilities of what it takes to live off-campus and plus I don’t own a car,” said Arroyo.“Since freshman are exposed to this new college environment they should be able to have housing guaranteed and have one less thing to worry about.”

With more housing space freed up, current students will be kept happy and the school may also see an increase in student applicants. 

The guarantee was designed to provide peace of mind to students and families that if they select Sonoma State housing will not be an issue and with the hope that this will contribute to Sonoma being a top option for students when selecting colleges. This guarantee will have to be evaluated again next year to see if they can continue with the same process for the incoming freshmen of fall 2019.

“I think that [guaranteeing housing] would influence people to come to Sonoma State just because of the fact that they can be guaranteed a spot and won’t have to struggle with finding housing,” said Antony Gonzalez, a sophomore currently living in Tuscany Village. “It will potentially bring in a bigger population to the school, which I think would be a really good thing.”