Stevenson Hall to undergo major renovations

One of Sonoma State’s oldest buildings is expected to have a complete new look following a renovation project that is expected to start by fall of 2020. 

Built in 1966, Stevenson Hall will soon be remodeled completely. The updates of the renovation were discussed in the Academic Senate meeting on April 5.

“A complete renovation of the building and reimagining of the program space is required to meet the needs of the administrative leadership, as well as the Schools of Business and Economics, Education and Social Sciences,” said Christopher Dinno, associate vice president of administration and finance facilities operations and planning at Sonoma State University. According to Dinno the construction costs, will be in the range of $70 to $75 million dollars. The total cost will be around $99 million, with the money coming from a state revenue bond. With asbestos being a concern for older buildings like Stevenson Hall, Dino said the entire building will be renovated and through this renovation all of the hazmat will be gutted and taken care. Dinno said the core objectives of the Stevenson Hall renovation are to create a welcoming environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, reduce the usage of resources like energy and water, improve the use of space in the building and to provide faculty offices to support planned academic growth. 

The goal is to not have classes for students disrupted during the renovation work. 

“The intent is to have no disruption at all to student access to classroom spaces and to provide the technology required for teaching and learning,” he said.

In terms of where students will be relocated, Dinno and his team are looking at several options for temporary classroom space before Stevenson Hall is closed off for renovation. All of the offices within the building will have to move their programs temporarily. Similarly to how the Darwin Hall Renovation project was handled. 

It is all being looked at in the short term, for faculty and deans offices to temporarily be relocated. Dinno said the president’s and provost’s office relocations are currently being discussed.

“We are currently developing some options on campus and still working through these details for a temporary relocation solution not yet confirmed,” he said. According to Dinno, the construction schedule is not confirmed yet but the estimated time frame is that construction will begin in the fall of 2020 and ready for use in fall 2022. 

When it comes to the renovation plans, Dinno says it will be similar to that of Darwin Hall in terms of the construction and delivery process, however the finishes and interior design will be different.  

The Darwin Hall renovation was completed in 2006. That  renovation was an 18-month process and included the addition of new classroom equipment, costing $29.5 million. There will be a more efficient layout and use of space for Stevenson Hall. 

The intent is to also fill in the eastern part of the building with additional footage and utilize that space. With the Stevenson Hall renovation being a similar process as Darwin Hall, it is expected it will look completely different in the end.