Top positions of AS to be decided next week

With elections right around the corner many are anticipating who is going to become Sonoma State’s next Associated Students president and vice president, as well who will fill in seven other positions on the Associated Students Senate. Students who are willing to represent students and allow their voices to be heard are elected to these positions each year. The elections for the 2018-2019 school year begin next week. The winners in contested elections will be announced a week from tonight at Lobos at 7 p.m. 


The candidates for president include junior transfer Trevor Chapman, a childhood development major who grew up in the Bay Area, and junior Manny Ojeda, who’s been an SSU student for seven years, which he attributes to him finding his major in philosophy.  A self proclaimed activist, Chapman told the STAR in a Q&A that the issues of asbestos on campus and constant increase of tuition are what motivates him to run. Both candidates have made the issue of mental health a staple within their campaigns, admitting CAPS could use more attention for the benefit of students. Ojeda, who has credited CAPS for helping him through various hardships within his life, hopes he can use the position to add another counselor to the program. 


Both of these students have been going into different classes along their campaign trail to tell the student body about what they plan to bring to campus if voted in. Along with the presidential candidates, Carley Chatterley and Michael Downey are running for vice president. 

Each candidate’s profile, from senators to presidential nominees, can be viewed on Orgsync using student’s SSU login information. Ojeda said he believes it is crucial for students to get acquainted with each candidate’s platforms before making a decision on the ballets. 

“The whole process promotes active participation on issues that involve all of us,” said Ojeda. “We are in college for a very limited time, but there’s so many benefits to it past a college degree. One of these is learning the importance of voting.”

Executive Vice President nominee Carley Chatterley believes her experience in running for the position last year has helped her become more ready for what to expect. 

 “I’m excited and way more prepared for this process than I was last year! I know what I am getting myself into and to think of serving the students for another year makes me smile from ear to ear,” said Chatterley. 

 Chatterley said it’s extremely important for students to get their voices heard and vote in the election.

“It’s the chance to exercise your voice! This is the chance for students to speak up about who they want representing them and if they don’t vote then they don’t really have a right to complain if things don’t go their way,” said Chatterley. 

The elections will take place on April 9-10, and students are highly encouraged to vote. The process can be done through Orgsync using students SSU login information. Students should be receiving an email with a link to this site around election time.