New cafe opens in wine building

Stomping Grounds, the new cafe inside the Wine Spectator Learning Center opens its’ doors to students and visitors of the university for the first time this semester. This project was initiated, “Through conversations with the School of Business, there was a desire to create a social space within the facility. Stomping Grounds is really a joint venture between the School of Business and University Culinary Services.” Nancy Keller, the Director of University Culinary Services said.

Since the beginning of the semester, this new cafe on campus has generated buzz, with many students posting on social media about visiting the place.

“This space is definitely worth visiting,” Keller said, “Stomping Grounds’ name is inspired by the wine-making process of stomping grapes and also refers to a familiar hangout place.” This name is fitting since most of the classes that take place inside the Wine Spectator Learning Center are related to wine business.

Students that are studying the business of wine now have a place to hangout between classes to go along with the new building. Crystal Mendes, a wine business major at Sonoma State said, “It is so nice to be able to experience Stomping Grounds my last year at Sonoma. The food is so healthy and delicious, which is a good change for our campus. The building itself  is so nice inside and out. My favorite part about Stomping Grounds is the vines growing in the front of the cafe. It will be very interesting to see them grow over the next few years. I will be spending most of my time as a student at this cafe”

Not only is this space charming and inviting but also, it offers a new initiative to bring wine and the process of wine making closer to those who are studying this topic. As Keller further explains “Stomping Grounds pairs well with the School of Business and Wine Business Institute vision for research and education about the business of wine. It will provide food and beverage service to the Northeast side of campus”.

Stomping Grounds offers a variety of food options unlike anything seen at Sonoma State before. It offers a wide range of healthy meal options such as bento boxes, macro bowls and salads. All of this while serving  beer and wine -- there is a range of local wines and craft beers that can make any Monday feel like a fun Sunday.

Casey Kelly, a Marketing Specialist for Sonoma State, shares that “The wine selection at Stomping Grounds highlights local wineries. Over the past century, California and its signature wine regions have earned a global reputation for diversity, quality and market impact. Sonoma County has a bounty of wineries, and we believe it is important to highlight wines from the region.”

Keller explained “Many of the food options are healthy and are similar to what you would expect to find at a café that offers coffee, wine and beer. The food was modeled to pair well with the beverage offerings of coffee and tea, local wine and domestic and craft beer.”  Stomping Grounds is open Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 7:15 p.m during the academic year.