More plans for Stevenson remodel announced

In the next few years students are going to be affected by a huge construction project that is in the making right now. Stevenson Hall, a busy place with an abundant flow of people in and out, will be undergoing major renovations. Stevenson Hall is one of SSU’s oldest buildings being built back in 1966. Chief Planning Officer, Christopher Dinno, is in charge of the project and wants Stevenson to have a better environment than it currently does. During this remodel Dinno, along with other staff, want to disrupt the classes taking place as little as possible so students can get their education to the fullest extent. According to a story ran in the STAR back in April, this renovation project is expected to start by the fall of 2020. In May of 2020 there will be a surge design and construction will start in full affect in June. The project is set to be completed by March of 2022 and move in day is in July of 2022. The budget for the entire renovation project is $108 million Dinno’s team said they are considering several options for temporary classroom space before the building is actually closed for the renovation. He said that if students have any questions on the renovation that they can access the information on the Administration and Finance website. He also said there is a feasibility study and academic senate powerpoint presentation available for more information.” The said powerpoint explains how Stevenson’s current facade is not appealing to visitors. It is also not the easiest to navigate, even with the efforts the school has put into changing it so far. Energy, lighting, and plumbing are just a few of the huge issues that the renovation is planning to fix. Dinno and his team also think that space proportion and assignments are inappropriate and is affecting the productivity of the building. Stevenson Hall is home to the president’s office, as well as many other faculty offices According to Sonoma State’s Administration and Finance webpage, Sonoma State has shown great growth each year over the last decade and it just continues to expand. Per year there has been a constant 1% growth in the enrollment and they continue to hope for more, eventually attaining 10,000 students. With this constant growth, there is always a need for more places to give students the proper resources for their education. It states that the renovation is necessary to help meet basic contemporary educational requirements. The needs that are going to be met with the remodel will benefit those of the School of Social Sciences, Education and Business and Economics. Students who are going to be affected by the renovation are slightly nervous about how the remodel will be changing their daily lives. Junior, Rachel Mounce, who takes classes in Stevenson is one of the students who thinks the remodel will be a tricky situation. “Having to move around different parts of campus during the renovation doesn’t sound that great, along with a lot of construction around the area. I’m glad they are remodeling the building though because after so many years it needs an update,” she said The school’s website goes on to explain what the core objectives of the project are, so students know exactly why the campus wants to undergo these upgrades.. These include improving educational aspects, improvinh classroom utilization; reducing resource utilization; and improve environmental quality. The renovation is also being done to create a more welcoming environment for visitors, students, and staff.