Section K "University District" development well underway


Construction is well underway in Rohnert Park’s new University District.

As the new semester begins, more students are noticing the quick advancements of K Section, also known as the University District. 

The new neighborhood, nestled in along the foothills of Sonoma County and close to many K-12 schools, including Sonoma State University, is planning for 1,236 single-family detached homes, seven acres of commercial companies, two public parks, and three miles of trails around the Rohnert Park area. 

After the 2017 wildfires ravaged much of Sonoma County and destroyed some 8,900 structures, many of them homes, the new housing community could not have come at a better time.

Brookfield Residential, the homebuilder developing the University District, will present their plans to satisfy a requirement to build “more than 200 affordable rental units in its development north of Sonoma State,” according to the Press Democrat. The homes will range in price from $500 thousand to $600 thousand and contain anywhere from three to five bedrooms and a two-car garage. 

The lot, which overlooks the lush green foothills in the spring and colorful trees in the fall, also plans on adding a 218-unit apartment complex on the corner of Keiser Avenue and Petaluma Hill Road. 

“Putting all the units in one apartment complex is a great way to do it,” said Jeff Beiswenger, the planning manager for the City of Rohnert Park. “You end up with a big, quality project that’s well managed, and keeps it affordable for a very long time — perpetually basically.”

The hope is that, of those looking to live within the University District, displaced fire victims from both the 2017 and 2018 Northern California wildfires will be able to find refuge and a new place to call home. 

With its convenient location on Highway 101, Rohnert Park is also an ideal location for commuters and students alike. 

Citizens working in the San Francisco Bay Area often find themselves living in the North Bay due to relatively affordable housing and increasingly easier trips to the city. Rohnert Park is a quick 40 minutes away from San Francisco and other surrounding Bay Area cities, although commute hours can often complicate the trip. 

Many students are also excited to see the residential community grow as well. 

Noah Rosenthal, a senior at SSU, discussed how he is very eager to see the city grow after he graduates. “I am excited to see how the new houses in K Section will improve the community in a positive way and help students find housing since nice houses for students are hard to come by.” 

Rosenthal also hopes that K Section will provide a comfortable environment for students without fear of disturbing residents of the community. Many students are subjected to noise complaints due to the amount of families close to the university, which can cause tension between neighbors and students.