DUI Checkpoint held in Santa Rosa Friday Night

DUI Checkpoint held on Friday, October 4, in Santa Rosa. According to the Press Democrat, the Checkpoint took place Friday night from 8 P.M. to 3 A.M. Saturday morning. The exact location has not been given, but it is reported it would take place in an area with a history of DUI Arrests and a high number of crashes. 


The checkpoint was installed in order to check for drivers with valid drivers licenses, while also making sure drivers weren’t impaired. In 2018 more than 700 cases were investigated. 100 of those cases were alcohol involved crashes that had resulted in 60 people being injured. These DUI Checkpoints are conducted in efforts to prevent drunk driving. With the holidays on the way, more DUI Checkpoints should be expected. 

Some students have either driven through a checkpoint or been the passenger. Second- year, Evelyn Munguia, expressed how she was a passenger when her friend happened to be stopped around 11 P.M. The police officer asked the driver for license and registration. The officer went on to ask questions about how the drivers night had been. Asking if they had been drinking and then let them go. Another student had the same experience. They were asked for their license and registration but had forgotten it at another friend’s house. The officer had them pull to the side and call their friend to bring them their license. The officer was calm and kind about it, asked them where they were coming from and why they didn’t have their license. 

When stopped at a DUI checkpoint officers chat with driver’s not only to see if they’ve been drinking or have a valid license but also to make sure that the diver isn’t on any drug that may impair their vision. Drivers who are under the influence can also receive a DUI for driving while being under the influence of a controlled substance, such as Marijuana.