Armed MetroPCS burglar arrested

A man has been arrested in connection with a series of armed robberies of cell phone retail stores, the most recent of which occurred on Jan. 26 at a Rohnert Park Metro PCS less than two miles from the Sonoma State University campus, making off with a couple of cell phones and some cash.

According to a Rohnert Park Public Safety press release, Juan Murillo, 21, was connected by local law enforcement to a series of armed robberies in the Bay Area, including at least three and possibly four robberies of cell phone stores on the day of Saturday Jan. 26. 

It took roughly four days for the authorities to get their man. In total, Murillo is believed to be connected with 12 armed robberies in four different counties. 

As of Feb. 1, Murillo had not disclosed to the police his motivations for his actions or circumstances that may have prompted the robberies. 


Juan Murillo

Juan Murillo, left, was arrested in connection with armed robbery at at least 12 locations.

Murillo was arrested during a traffic stop in Vallejo by Vacaville and Fairfield detectives after an investigation by law enforcement helped to identify the vehicle used during the robberies -- “a late 90’s Gold Toyota Corolla with a missing hubcap.” Law enforcement were also able to determine that the suspect may have been involved in similar incidents in the cities of Fairfield, Vallejo, and Concord.

The clerk held at gunpoint contacted police following the robbery and police arrived in two minutes, according to a Rohnert Park Public Safety press release. 

Rohnert Park Public Safety released an initial press release on the day of the incident, and later updated this release with a surveillance video image of the suspect. Surveillance tapes from a similar robbery in Vacaville aided in the investigation, according to the authorities.

Rohnert Park Public Safety regularly updates area residents with new and relevant information through the department’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as through the NIXLE alert system. 

In total, it took the efforts of five different police departments, and the FBI’s “Safe Streets Task Force,” to arrest Murillo.

In its press release notifying the public of Murillo’s arrest, law enforcement also encouraged individuals with information relevant to the case, such as knowledge of similar robberies perpetrated by the same suspect, to come forward.

If there is any potentially unknown information regarding these robberies or crimes of this nature, contact Detective John Kempf (707-584-2630) of the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety.