Campus Housing misses cleaning a couple of dorms

Moving onto campus is not always a smooth ride, as with any instance things may go wrong; which is what happened to a few students upon move in day. 

 Aug. 17 through the 18th, students moved into their apartments and while most students were pleased with the process, some students found their apartments to be defiled.

Sonoma State provides suite and apartment-style housing options for 3,294 students in six different villages: Beaujolais, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Tuscany, Verdot, and Zinfandel.

 On campus housing fees for one fall semester ranges from $3,104 - $8,859, depending on the type of bed spaces in one room. 

 Because of these fees it is expected that Sonoma State Housing services provide outstanding services to each apartment. 

 The process of checking out of housing begins around the time of commencement May 16th, Housing services then must provide sanitation services to properly clean each apartment. 

 They must complete the cleaning process before students move in for summer intersession May 28th. 

 Sonoma State also offers summer conferences throughout where participants are provided an apartment. 

 The multiple staff of housing services must then thoroughly clean each apartment and suite. 

 Unfortunately, this was not the case for some students moving into Tuscany. 

 “The carpets have stained the bottom of our feet since we got here, there are stains on the wall, and we found schoolwork and used tissues under our beds.” Says, anonymous sophomore living in Tuscany.  

Another student in Verdot found cobwebs on the walls and the furniture to also be heavily stained.

  Housing services have a small window in which they must clean each apartment before the Fall arrival of students.

Director of REACH (Residential Education and Campus Housing), Dean Kennedy says, “we do the best we can to make sure rooms aren’t missed, we have over 3,200-bed spaces with multiple staff cleaning twice each summer.”

 Sauvignon has 962-bed spaces with Tuscany following close behind with 700 bed spaces, Beaujolais 636, Zinfandel 408, Verdot 340 and Cabernet with 248 student tenants.

While some rooms are missed, housing services are quick to offer a facility team to do quality cleaning when necessary.

“We immediately deal with any on-campus issue regarding cleanliness and broken appliances.” Says, Kennedy.

While frustrating, it is still recommended that students communicate with housing services when lack of freshness and sanitation is prevalent.