Sonoma State University once again a top school

Sonoma State University has managed to make it on the Princeton Review’s list of the “Best 385 Colleges” for their 2020 edition. According to the Princeton Review, in order to determine which universities make the list, they survey 140,000 students nationwide. 

To rank the universities, students who are attending different colleges are asked 84 questions which are broken up into five different sections. The questions determine which colleges have the best academics, administration, college life, experience, and peers. Their overall score will either put them on the list or take them out of the running.

The Princeton Review’s 2020 edition of this book captures The Best 385 Colleges list, and another 64 lists ranking colleges from best passing marks,  athletics, academics, party schools and many more. 

This is not the first time Sonoma State has managed to make the Best 385 College list though, this is the second year in a row. With a total of some 5,300 colleges in the country, ranking in the top 385 puts Sonoma State in the top 7th percentile. 

The Princeton Review specifies what these lists entail and writes about how the list is not in a specific order where colleges are ranked 1 to 385. The list does highlight schools with excellent facilities, exceptional professors, fun student life, etc. With these rankings, the list helps college bound students find in-sight on universities they may want to attend.

“We are well aware, however, that applicants need more than an academic assessment to choose the colleges best for them,” said Robert Franek, The Princeton Review’s Editor-in-Chief and lead author of the book in their press release for their 2020 Edition. When choosing a university, students have many factors to take into consideration. It is not only about the academics and programs offered, but also about the overall experience they may be potentially having for the next four years of their life.

SSU made US News “Best colleges” List this year as well. The US NEWS ranks Sonoma State number 19 in their Top Public Schools list,  and 64 in their Top West Region list. With 46 different bachelor degrees, and 15 master’s programs SSU seems to make a name for itself with their exceptional academics. 

Sonoma State was also a top-ranking university according to Money Magazine’s best Universities for Transfer students, ranking number 12.

There are many reasons why Sonoma State University was able to make a name for itself on these different lists. With 46 different majors, there is a variety of academics which students can choose from. 

This is not to mention the great student life which the university has. With 120 different clubs and organizations, SSU provides many different ways for students to become involved on campus and creates a great outlet for students to get their minds off academies. Whether it be Greek life, or Join Us in Making Progress, also known as JUMP, students have many different resources to get involved. 

Sonoma State also has a beautiful landscape. SSU has one of the greenest campuses in the nation. “ recently ranked the university as “one of the top ‘green’ campuses in the country.” said Paul Gullixson, Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications at Sonoma State in his article “Top reasons to choose Sonoma State by May 1”. 

“I think Sonoma is a top ranking university because of the ability it has to provide students with the opportunity to grow socially and professionally. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. Being a leader on campus seeing people succeed both academically and in finding their true passion motivates me to help pave their way and make their experience on campus amazing.”  Said Trevor Paige, President of the Residential Housing Association.”

Whether it be the beauty of the campus, the great academics offered, or the fun student life, Sonoma State ranking on this list is well deserved.