Sonoma County Warns of the Dangers of Vaping

On Saturday, September 2nd Sonoma County health department issued a health alert that warned of the lung injuries that are and have been related to vaping and the use of other E-vapor products.

Dr. Celeste Philip, the head of Sonoma County health office was responsible for the issuing of the alert last week. Warning of the possible health risks of the use of e-vapor and other vaping devices. 

The  Health alert came out only a few days after the warning issued by the California Department of Public Health had issued its own statement on the use of vape products. According to the California State of Public Health, "Since June 1st, there have been 36 cases of vaping-associated lung illness that have required California citizens to be taken into medical care throughout the state." 


According to Dr. Celeste Philip, "Although the Health Alert document is for clinicians, we want all residents and visitors in Sonoma County to be aware of these serious lung injuries."

Though The Sonoma County Medical Alert was only intended for clinicians and other medical professionals, Dr. Phillip said: "We want all residents and visitors in Sonoma County to be aware of these serious lung injuries that these products can cause."  

The Medical Alert also asked Sonoma County medical professionals to collect vapes and other e-vapor products for "further clinical testing.''  

As of the start of September, there are no known or reported vape related ailments or illnesses in Sonoma County. However, the Sonoma County Health officials feel as if it's better to be proactive and aware of the risk's saying "a great deal is unknown about the risks of vaping and how dangerous it can be to your lungs."

And According to a study conducted in Sonoma County in 2018, "More than 25 percent of Sonoma County 11th graders vape or use e-cigarettes regularly. A 7% increase from 2016".  

For some Sonoma State University Students, this comes as quite surprising news. As current Sonoma State Junior James Ito said "Honestly until I read the report I had no idea that vaping could cause that much damage to your lungs. In a way, it's a wake-up call, but it is certainly one that is needed".

Ito went on to say "I  think now that I know that there are actually reported cases of vaping and other e-vapor products causing serious lung damage that I'm just not going to use vape pens anymore. Just to big of a risk."

Another Sonoma State University student, Junior Aidan Kelleher, said, "I'm not shocked by the report. I mean anytime you put smoke in your lungs your putting your body/your respiratory system in severe damage. But I think this report will hopefully help shed some more light on how dangerous vaping can be".  

Sonoma State University, it's self, has been a tobacco and smoking, including vapor products, free campus since July 1st, 2015. As the University made this decision in direct response to the US Surgeon General's findings "that there is no safe level of second-hand smoke." The University also made this decision to "protect the immediate and long term health, safety, and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, including those campus employees who work outdoors."      

In the Closing of Dr. Celeste Philip's Medical Alert, said: "As we learn more about the cause of these injuries, I urge individuals to limit their use of vaping products or quit using them altogether,".