Free Bowling this Thursday

Come bowl for free at the Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park this Thursday! Lobo will also make an appearance! If interested in participating, bring student I.D. for entry. 

Current senior, Kaitlin Caceres, remembers how many good times she’s had at previous free bowling nights; “It is so much fun when you go, there are so many people there it is like one big party” she says. 

Kaitlin also mentioned that sometimes there will be different themes for the bowling nights  “One of them I’m pretty sure was a pajama theme and how can you say no to a fun night out while still wearing your comfies.”this switches things up a bit and makes it more exciting. 

The Associated Student Production staff will also be on-site when visiting to make sure all your needs are met and will assist if any help is needed. 

“As a freshman this makes you feel more comfortable,” Caceres says, “It is such a great way for roommates to bond as well”  since this involves participating in a fun activity.

If she were a freshman she says she would definitely go again, because it made her reach out to others. You usually will see other people that you have met in your classes or from orientation as well, this presents the opportunity of getting to know each other on another level.

Cody Vanguilder, an employee of the Bowling Alley, states that “this is primarily a way to let newly admitted students get to know the area better” since many just moved here a few weeks ago and most likely don’t feel familiar with Rohnert Park just yet.  

He believes that this is a great gateway for seeing new faces: “Through having to share the lanes with other students, as they do fill up rather quickly, it creates an opportunity for new friendships to form” and “ a way it forces you to reach out to connect with others”. 

Vanguilder also highlighted that: “This is something we do every first Thursday of each month besides on Winter Break, so during December and January”.

His recommendations for food would be the chicken strips as they are ‘always a good go-to snack’. 

They also offer a range of other food items such as fried ravioli, mozzarella sticks, nachos, soft drinks, and much more.  

“It is such a great time, I always had a blast when going to the first bowling event of the semester because almost everybody goes and you really get to enjoy each other's time rather than sit in your dorm on your phones” Nicholas Pearlman, another Sonoma State Student, says. 

He mentions that it can be hard, in the beginning, to know who your friends really are and “that’s why it is so important to take a leap out of your comfort zone and reach out to others and create those plans to go in case none of your roommates would want to”, since it is pretty normal to be hanging out and getting close with your roommates the first semester.

Although he has a good point when it comes to being early rather than later: “A line will form quick since so many people go which is not a problem when waiting and chatting with friends, but if you want to be the first to get a lane when it opens I would recommend going earlier.”.

The Double Decker lanes are located in a very safe area of Rohnert Park and have lots of parking accessible that make it easy to park right next to the bowling alley.