Three million footsteps worth following

It isn’t unheard of for students to feel concerned about graduating in four years. Despite the possibility of overextending this timeframe, it doesn’t take away from the fact of how many people do end up graduating in the California State University system. After the spring 2015 ceremonies, more than 3 million alumni will have done so.

This milestone is being celebrated with the “Class of 3 Million” campaign, which will honor everyone who has graduated in the university system. One out of every 10 employees in California is a graduate of a state school, and for students of Sonoma State University, there is no exclusion among being placed in this category.

There are many who believe earning a master’s degree is the only way to be successful these days, yet time after time this is being challenged as not necessarily true.

Students who settle for a bachelor’s degree are able to get respectable jobs within their field of choice, and although they may not pay as much as one’s dream position, recent graduates have come to expect that everyone needs to start somewhere before the most ideal opportunity presents itself.

According to the Los Angeles Times, someone with a college degree makes 84 percent more in a lifetime than those with only a high school diploma. In this way, students may be delaying the amount of money they make immediately in comparison to their high school peers, but in the long run it proves well worth the time spent learning.

While there are issues for students who are hoping to graduate in four years, the possibility of staying for a longer period of time has its benefits as well. By continuing to take classes and expand one’s mind, an individual creates opportunities to discover new interests and passions that may have never been realized in their lifetime.

At a California State University, students can attend part time, and evening classes are available for those who work during the day, which makes things even more convenient for choosing the perfect learning atmosphere. This is also ideal for people who have families or those unable to fit in a full-time schedule.

The conveniences of these universities attract more people to enroll, making the population of students on each campus higher. This is directly affected within Sonoma State, as the overall population has reached its largest in history this year.

There are also more locations to choose from when deciding on a campus, unlike University of California schools. In regard to the latter, there are only 10, while with the former there are 23 campuses across California.

It’s truly an accomplishment how many people have graduated from California state universities. While students will continue to point out frustrations such as class availability and financial woes to earn a degree, the end result has proven to be worth it thus far. No matter how long it takes to accomplish, graduates should be proud.