Living in a world without animals

With so many events going on in the world and so much that happens within the daily lives of millions of humans across the nation, it is hard to focus on one issue at a time. Before we know it, another event storms news headlines and it is easy to forget about the previous topic. 

But what if one day there was breaking news that a pack of lions had viciously attacked and murdered thousands of human beings for the past few years and that they are getting closer? 

These lions are destroying everything in their path and taking over homes. Now, how easy would it be to look away.

What if I were to tell you that the pack of lions is actually an army of millions of human beings, and that the people being slaughtered were actually animals?  This is actually the sad truth. This is going on everyday in the lives of animals across the globe. Animals are being pushed out of the homes they have come to know and adapt to. 

Humans are known as the most intelligent animal because of our mental capacities and abilities to build and create new technology. In the beginning, these capabilities were used to survive and build a foundation for the next generations to follow behind.

If animals could talk, I bet they would plead with us to leave them be. They would inform us of how our decisions are affecting their ability to survive. 

Lastly, they would beg us to settle for what we have been blessed with, instead of dangerously conquering a new world; like the settlers who discovered America, enslaving the Indian population. I use this example to bring to light the seriousness of our actions.

Life can definitely be busy at times, if not at all times, but we must learn to take action. 

Even if it is taking silent action by not taking part in activities that endanger our fellow species, one person advocating for the defense of animals will eventually turn into two and that makes all of the difference. 

While scrolling down my Facebook news feed earlier this week, I saw a report on endangered animals and the species that have become extinct due to human behavior within the last 10 years. 

This sparked my interest, and I found that literally dozens of species are going extinct each day. 

There is a natural rate of extinction, which is about one to five species each year. This means that humans are causing this number to be multiplied by 1,000 to 10,000. 

This is not to cause anyone to believe that I am against humans. However, I did want to use this opportunity to express gratitude for nature’s beautiful creations. Every animal that has been placed on Earth has been created a specific way. Isn’t that just amazing? How is any one person to choose who has a right to live. Many of us already eat animals on a daily basis. 

I don’t believe that the intentions of humans are to do harm to animals, but it is happening. We need to take a step back, and realize that today matters. Our actions  today may harm or benefit the future of our loved ones in generations to come.