Travel the world, you won’t regret it

The saying “you only live once,” otherwise known as “YOLO” is partially true. People have one chance to live life to the fullest and experience many different things. The best way to accomplish that is by having a better insight of everything through traveling. 

Traveling is important because it fundamentally transforms us. Just book a flight, pack a bag and go to a place you have always dreamed of going. It’s that simple right? It may not be that simple, but you have less responsibilities when you’re younger which makes it the best time to travel. After talking with friends who have studied abroad or have traveled recently to extraordinary places, I have found that they have changed as a person. These friends are more cultured. They are open to trying new things and seeing what is out there, instead of being stuck in a bubble. They had to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance by being away from home for a long period.

Now that they have seen so many places, they want to see more and they admit traveling becomes an addiction. It’s a big world and there are many places to go and see, so start young because it’s one of the only times in life where responsibilities do not hold you back. 

Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular lives. It presents the opportunity to forget your problems and issues for a few weeks. 

Crazy schedules are a part of life. Going away can give perspective on distance and perhaps realization on how important life is. Like the saying says: we never know what we have until we lose it.

I experienced that when I went to Canada for a few weeks with my family. We stayed in the middle of nowhere. There was always the possibility of running into mountain lions or a bears. 

Having no cell reception or wireless Internet for two weeks was soothing, yet difficult. It also made me realize how important friends are in life and how valuable home is. Even though it was such a fun trip, long periods away from your normal environment can be hard. 

I’ve learned that everyone can take things for granted. Some of the things include food, electricity, transportation, heating and safety. Traveling is eye-opening because you see how different cultures live. The things we take for granted will be more appreciated after traveling.