Speeding makes campus sidewalks unsafe

I was walking within the white painted lines that are meant for pedestrian traffic, a concept that one would think to be a common understanding. However, some drivers on the Sonoma State campus do not seem to understand that concept. 

I have had a few close calls from accidents on campus. Seeing my classmate last week walk into class with ice and bandages around his wrist made me realize I cannot stay quiet about this matter anymore.

My freshman year a car was inches from hitting me. The person driving did not even look back to see if I was okay. At the time I had a knee injury so I was hobbling around campus in my knee brace. 

Naturally, it took me a few seconds longer to walk across the crosswalk. The person who almost hit me did not think a knee injury was a reason to slow down and be patient.  It is unbelievable how people drive in such an impulsive manner.  

I have been on the other side being the person who is driving. It is understandable people have their days where everything is going wrong which puts them in a rush.  I was running late to class the other day. I was rushing to get to school, yes I can admit I did not want to wait for all the pedestrians but I was not going to try to speed up when the aftermath would be hitting a pedestrian. 

A majority of people driving are students. I think it is important for students to give themselves enough time to get to campus because I believe this is one of the issues causing accidents.

I also think people are just driving carelessly and drive like they are professional Nascar drivers. I get upset with my friends at times because I feel they are driving way too fast around campus. 

I do see police roaming around campus all day which is reassuring.  When I pass the green music center I usually see a cop car hidden in the corner of the parking lot waiting for people who are driving recklessly through campus. The police are monitoring the campus to the best of their abilities. On the Police and Parking daily crime log there were two hit and runs recorded for the month of August in parking lots J and F.

I feel reckless driving around campus is a problem. It might seem like a minor problem but when people are being hit by cars and getting injured that is a major concern.

It is very frustrating and upsetting to me because no one needs to be speeding around that fast on a college campus. I am nervous when I am running or walking around campus. I am always extra cautious because I hear all these stories about people getting hit while walking or riding their bike.

I find it hilarious when you walk across a designated cross walk for pedestrians and the person in the car is revving their engine and giving you a death stare. 

I feel there is major tension between drivers who drive on this campus on a daily basis and which can sometimes cause these accidents.  Drivers should take more caution when driving around campus because someone could be fatally injured as an outcome of an accident.