Student maintains strong family ties despite distance

I can’t help but notice in this day and age that many my age are not incredibly close to their family. There aren’t many people in this day-in-age that are close with their parents. I am one who is in the minority, as I firmly state that I am very close with mine.

 There are multiple times throughout the day when I have a friend that reads a text over my shoulder that says: “I love you boo boo. Call me later.” 

This text message is from no one other than my loving mom. Most people who see this kind of message instantly replies with, “Why do you talk to your mom so much?” or “You’re texting your mom again?” These type of questions always catch me off guard because talking to my mommy multiple times a day is honestly second nature to me. 

 I wonder how it is possible that children are not close with their parents. They did raise us after all. Then again, I understand that parents can be irritating at times and very controlling. This is only because they want what is best for us and it’s hard for them to believe we are now on our own and may not need them as much as we had in the past.

When I came to college my freshman year, I must admit, I was not homesick. My dad told me repeatedly that I would become home sick and would have to stick it out. I waited and waited, believing this time would come, but it never did. The independence I felt was unbelievable. I was able to eat the food that I wanted, plan my days accordingly, and feel like an adult. I couldn’t enjoy it more. 

Maybe this was because I still called my mom every day? Or maybe because I knew I would be seeing my parents over Thanksgiving break? Maybe it was simply because I was not stressed and truly enjoying myself for the first time in my life? Whatever it was, I enjoyed myself more than ever.

I must admit, after second semester, I did end up missing my parents more than I thought I would. School became more stressful, life became overwhelming, and all I could think about was wanting to drive myself seven hours home and fall into my mommy’s arms. All I wanted was to cuddle up with my mom and my grandma. This was obviously not going to happen so I had to push through it. 

Being away from my mom was very hard towards the end. It did have a positive side though. I had started becoming more independent which I knew would help me grow up. I have always had the most difficult time making my own decisions. I would go shopping at the mall and take pictures of a shirt before I bought it, just to see if my mom liked it as well. I’m not going to lie, I still have trouble sometimes, but I’m working on it. 

I understand that not everyone is close with their parents. I know many people who even went away to college to get away from their parents. This may be the best thing they have ever done. That being said, there are those who are more homesick than ever. I had a friend who went to school in Washington. Within the first semester of college, she did end up transferring to a school closer to home. 

I do realize that many students have more difficulty leaving their parents than I did. I just want to let everyone who does feel alone sometimes, that they will get through it. Many students are like this. I promise, it will get easier. I encourage all of these students, to step out of their comfort zone and join clubs. One might find their long lasting friend or some type of support system in something like this. 

I love my family more than anything. I am extremely close with them and would not want it to be any other way. This being said, I believe being away has helped me grow up and learn to live on my own. After all, I won’t be living with my mom for the rest of my life.