These are our confessions (pt. II)

The STAR has a confession to make: “Sonoma State Confessions” is back, and we are loving it.

After a brief hiatus from last semester for what was rumored to be legality troubles with the university, the popular Facebook page with anonymous, student-submitted “confessions” is up and running again with over 1,200 likes. 

Some of those confessions, such as “i hav friend dat goes 2 srjc . . . he steal my eggs evrytime he comes ovr [sic],” are so overtly ridiculous that all one can really do is laugh. Some of the seemingly more authentic confessions are funny too, such as “Everytime [sic] I walk downstairs to the basement of Darwin, it feels like I’m in the Titanic.”

There are many, however, that tug on the heart strings of empathy. Countless people have confessed that they don’t fit in, that they wish they could stay home or that all they want is to be invited to a party. 

Thankfully most of these confessions are met with support and open invitations to make new friends, but a few commenters meet these pleas for acceptance with even more ridicule. 

The word “anonymous” has some dangerous undertones associated with it. Let’s face it – someone’s feelings are bound to get hurt because of some ignorantly obnoxious post that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

We don’t know the specifics, but we do know that the original SSU Confessions was taken down for a reason. A disclaimer that outlines clear legal separation from the university accompanied the recent return of the popular page.

Fortunately, the moderator seems to be censoring any ridiculously libelous or malicious submissions.

However, even though personally attacking confessions don’t make the page, there are still plenty of posts that put Sonoma State in an unfavorable light. 

Students are constantly calling each other out for being fake/mean/annoying/what have you, and sometimes the comments are even nastier than the confessions.

But why let a few bad apples spoil something that has the potential to keep an often-polarized student body connected? Yes, there are some students who hate Sonoma State, but we’re confident that there are a lot more who actually love it here. 

Regardless, Sonoma State Confessions has brought these two groups together – be it to rant about a roommate, call out a cute guy or girl, ask for advice or truly confess something that will (seemingly) never trace back to them, for the most part we’re all sharing a good laugh or genuine insight when we guiltily scroll through the constantly updated page.

All in all, Sonoma State Confessions should be treated like a Wikipedia page: don’t take it at face value, but keep an eye out for those juicy tidbits that may actually develop into something real.

Confess away, Seawolves. We’re eager to listen.