‘Ye’ or nay?

When you watch numerous episodes of the mind-numbing television program “Keeping up with the Kardashians” just to catch a rare appearance of Kanye West it’s obvious you’re a big fan of the artist.  

Some may say it’s an even bigger deal that I continue to support the rapper after all of his public shenanigans that have taken place in the past couple years. I don’t pay much attention to the criticism I receive for being a fan of Kanye West, but trust me, I hear criticism. 

I think it’s unfair for an artist of his stature to have years of brilliant work forgotten by fans just because of his recent reputation and musical stylings. Sure, everyone would love to have old “College Dropout” Yeezy but we as a fan-base need to understand that this new confident and abstract Kanye West is very capable of producing hits.  

It’s when he creates songs entitled “I am a God” and tells interviewers that “we the rock stars and I’m the biggest of them all” that fans become weary of supporting someone so ‘over-the-top.’

Sophomore hip-hop enthusiast Keith Wellstone is an ex-fan of Kanye and says he stopped listening to Yeezy after he went ‘full retard’. 

“I liked his old music a lot more and I feel like he raps about nonsense now and his image reflects his stupidity,” said Wellstone. 

I will admit that while I still think of West as a visionary, it’s hard to quote him without sounding like a kind of ignorant pop-culture radical who’s defending an improper role model. 

An ‘ignorant pop-culture radical’ could be a good way to describe the eccentric fans of pop-singer Justin Bieber. Bieber’s name has been making its way through entertainment news airwaves recently and the allegations made against him are wilder then we’ve seen before. 

After causing $20,000 worth of damage to his neighbor’s house by egging it, Bieber’s mansion was searched by local authorities. The Canadian pop singer was then arrested after police found Ecstasy and Xanax hidden in his home. 

This won’t stop his faithful ‘beiliebers’ from tweeting their best defense arguments with the hash tag #WeAreWithYouJustin. 

Comments like “the cops are always overreacting when it comes to Justin” and “If Just[in] egged my house I’d be honoured” are evidence of a real ignorant fan-base. I am not defending Justin Bieber by using him as a second example. I am simply giving light to the fact that some fans of certain celebrities truly are blindly supporting entitled and arrogant people. 

In the scheme of things, it does not matter to me what an artist does in his personal life as long as they make music I like. Kanye West can call himself a God all he wants as long as I can bob my head to the song.