Netflix users anonymous

With over 36 million U.S. subscribers alone, it’s difficult to meet someone without a Netflix account. Those 36 million people are constantly streaming their favorite shows and movies. More specifically though, over one billion hours’ worth per month are spent on Netflix. It’s hard to imagine, but Netflix, which launched in 1996, is one of the largest companies in the U.S. 

With Emmy nominated shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, the content on Netflix continues to grab audiences. As a student though, Netflix can be my worst enemy. With my new favorite television show being a click away, it can be easy for me to shy away from academic responsibilities. 

It’s often a joke when people say, “Netflix only gives me 15 seconds to decide if I want to watch the next episode, so it’s nearly impossible to get things done.” As a student with numerous responsibilities, Netflix makes it hard for me to shut off my computer. And considering seasons, not just a single episode, is available at one time, it’s even more difficult. Why watch just one episode when the entire series is just a moment, or in this case, 15 seconds away? 

Netflix, at least for my generation, has completely changed the way we value our time. For example, in the amount of time it takes to watch an episode of a show, is the same amount of time it would take someone to clean their room, do laundry and even do a homework assignment. 

But of course, they don’t really think about that while watching Netflix. All Netflix users are really focusing on is the show and what’s going on in the world of television. Of course after watching Netflix, there is always the guilt. Looking up at the clock and realizing its now 2 a.m, is a common event that takes place. The saddest part is, most of the time all that was managed was splitting a computer screen of Netflix and Facebook.

Even though we poke fun at how much we watch Netflix, we never actually care about how much we actually watch ourselves. We laugh at a Twitter post saying things like “Netflix has been my entire summer break” and “I like to party, and by party I mean watch Netflix.”

Youth don’t seem to mind that Netflix takes up so much time. Ironically enough, it’s found amusing how much of our personal time we really use watching Netflix. Although this seems like a puzzling phenomenon, generation Y doesn’t seem to care. 

Although the average amount watched by a single person per day is 93 minutes, it seems like this generation doesn’t come close to that number. I alone spend 120 minutes a day on my Netflix account. Some may say that’s two hours wasted, but I just think of it as another task I have to do. 

It’s not time wasted if people are enjoying watching that particular television show and it helps relax them. The only time when it becomes invaluable for them is when they don’t get assignments done because of Netflix. Yes there is such a thing as “too much Netflix” but I think my generation has reinvented what a time waster really is. 

With a growing subscriber base and a large surge in revenue, it doesn’t seem like Netflix is going anywhere just yet. With shows that appeal to all ages, it’s not a fad that will go away very quietly. Having access to movies and shows from the comfort of my laptop has changed the way generation Y values their time. Although to some it may seem like a time waster, Netflix helps us forget about the pressure of our daily, hectic lives.