Seawolves, it is okay to be a little bit Country

 Imagine thousands of people in cowboy boots and hats listening to music playing over a vast field. The summer heat is reddening the skin of those who have been standing for hours, singing along to their favorite song.  This is Stagecoach, a place where those who love country gather to hear the most popular artists play their music.

Country music is a very controversial genre that exists in today’s society. When talking to a variety of people on campus, the comments that were made about the genre were two polar opposites. Those who may not listen to country music believe that it is a genre that repeats itself. In other words, “My dog died and my girlfriend dumped me,” are common phrases in which people think of when they think of country music. 

Those who are interested in country music have a different outlook. They believe the music is not all about “sobby” love stories and trucks, but more so a genre that relates to everyday life. 

Country music, just like many other genres, relates to everyone on different levels. Those who do enjoy country, realize that every song, every word on the page, has a story to tell. There is true meaning behind each letter that is written on paper. 

I began listening to country at a very young age. I remember, sitting in the back seat of my mom’s new VW at the car dealership as Reba McEntire’s, “I’m a Survivor” came on. That was my first taste of true country. 

I had always listened to my mom’s country music as we drove in the car, but this was the first time I began to understand and listen to the words. 

After looking into Reba McEntire’s album, I fell in love with Tim McGraw’s song “Barbeque Stain” and Rascal Flatt’s “What Hurts the Most”. Slowly, country music became my favorite. Country music was the crutch I used to lean on when life became overwhelming.

For years on end, my older brother and younger sister would make fun of me for loving country music. I would constantly hear “It’s so boring and they all sound the same. It’s just a bunch of people complaining about the same thing over and over again.” 

It wasn’t until recent years that both of them saw the beauty in the music. The two people I would have never expected to fall for country, became obsessed with it. 

I believe people in our society do not have a very open mind to things they are not used to. For example, if a child was brought up by a family who only listened to rock and roll, it would not be common for the child to branch out and truly find the music that interests them the most. 

Now is the time for everyone to truly find out who they are. Music is a way that everyone can escape the real world for a little and let loose. Country music, just like every other genre, should be given a chance. To those who do not enjoy country music, take a chance and step out of that comfort zone. 

Often times, I find family members and friends of my own who hated country but have since opened their minds and are now obsessed with it. Once everyone gives it a chance, only then can it be judged. 

To those who judge any music before they have ever listened to it, don’t be afraid to take that step.