Leading the way at SSU

Quit your job at Swirl Time, Taco Bell and Extreme Pizza. Stop aimlessly staring off into space as you wait for closing time. Stop answering the phone with the same monotone speech  you could recite in your sleep. Money may be great, but it is not worth the agony of working somewhere that bores you to death.

The question then stands, where should I work if these places aren’t worth it? The answer lies right where you picked up this newspaper-- Sonoma State University. The array of on-campus jobs available at Sonoma State is overwhelming at times.

However, let me strategically advise you, there are certain on-campus jobs that one should strive for. On-campus leadership positions are self-rewarding, help people learn about themselves and are a fabulous resume builder. Although it may seem cheesy, my leadership position completely changed my life. If you’re not convinced to apply yet, let me further explain myself. 

First of all, an on-campus leadership position includes everything from a summer orientation leader to a peer mentor. These positions include responsibilities like advising, mentoring and listening to a group of students whom you are assigned. Most often, you are working with underclassmen that need the guidance and assistance to begin their college journey on the right foot.  

With these responsibilities, comes an incredible amount of leadership experience in learning how to effectively communicate with others. 

Although the process may be daunting (an essay, recommendation letters, official transcript, etc.), scoring one of these positions has incredible benefits. Besides being conveniently located on campus, these positions can be molded into whatever you feel is needed for your students. 

Alongside your faculty member, you have the ability to change the lives of your students by being the helping hand  they need in their first few years of college. 

In addition, the pay for most of these positions is equal, if not more than the pay across the street at Taco Bell. In addition, incredible friendships are formed with other on-campus leaders that will last throughout a college career and beyond.  

Personally, after having one of these positions for two years now, I have realized it’s much more rewarding than the pay. I don’t even think about what I am making hourly anymore, and instead about how I can help my students achieve their goals on any given week.  

Their successes become my own. The possibility of having a positive impact on a student’s life keeps me going even when my own life is stressful. You soon realize you are a powerful influence in their life at Sonoma State, even when you never thought you had the power to do so. 

Any student leader reading this will know exactly what I am talking about when I mention these non-monetary benefits. Ask anyone on campus about their leadership position and how it has affected their life, and you will quickly discover how meaningful these positions are. Let me warn you, expect happy tears. 

Convinced yet? If not, attend an information session to learn more about peer mentor and summer orientation positions on either Nov. 12 or Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center. For Residential Life positions such as CSA and co-op positions, attend a session on either Nov. 13 or Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center. 

After attending one of these sessions, be sure to turn in your application online by Jan. 30 at 4:30 p.m. Apply for a leadership position, you won’t regret it.