Suggested title: Fun news

Dear Editor,

I was amused to read some of your “News Around the World” in your Nov. 11 to 17 edition: Nearby Copeland Creek (nice that you consider events close to our campus to be part of world news), a “man was confronted by a suspect and asked for his wallet.”

Really? A suspect did not attempt to rob the victim of his wallet but the victim actually “asked” the attacker for his wallet? But moving to international news, I chuckled when I read that the Berlin Wall was supposedly built “to prevent people from fleeing to the communist East Germany.”

Hmm. Interesting but false revision of history—the fortified border prevented East Germans from leaving their country and fleeing to the West. I was also surprised to read Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel supposedly changed her first name to “Angelo”...

- Michaela Grobbel, Ph.D., Professor of German, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures