Christmas came early this year, again

While many people still haven’t finalized their Thanksgiving menu, countless stores are already hanging Christmas wreaths in their front windows. Some holiday-haters complain about the stores starting their Christmas specials and displays so early; personally, I think that it is completely necessary to get a head start on all the Yule Tide fun.

Seeing Christmas decorations on sale right in the middle of October can be surprising and confusing for some shoppers; they think that it puts pressure on the shopper to start buying at such an advance date. 

Also, some may feel that by putting these December decorations out, you are not giving the current holidays the attention that is needed. 

I confess that in the past while shopping for fake cobwebs for Halloween I have indulged in a Christmas wreath that was marked 30 percent off. It was so convenient. Seeing gingerbread cut-outs next to pumpkin cookie cutters has never posed a problem in my ability to enjoy any particular celebration. 

Budgets during the holidays are always very tight. I enjoy being able to spread out my Christmas shopping so I don’t have to rely on one month’s income to purchase all my décor and gifts. 

With the holiday decorations being put out early, stores are forced to compete with prices, allowing one to wait several weeks to take advantage of the perfect sale. For example, Black Friday, which occurs the Day after Thanksgiving, offering outrageous sales for shoppers who arrived at stores early in the morning. 

Some of my friends who are avid Black Friday shoppers have been able to buy nice flat screen TVs for under $100. These early holiday sales and advertisements allow lower income families to buy nice items for their loved ones that they might not be able to afford at the original price.  

As one can see, with the struggling economy, shoppers really appreciate any discount they can find during the holiday season. Also, being a huge Christmas fan, around the holidays my house usually looks like the inside of Santa’s workshop with all the decorations; the early Christmas specials allow me the time I need to search for the perfect holiday ornaments. 

Unfortunately, once December comes, I’m often too busy to find time to decorate and buy presents for loved ones due to all the social obligations that come with the holidays. 

I grew up with a family that is so large that I’m still meeting new faces at reunions and other family gatherings. The holidays have always been a busy time around my house. As soon as December comes I’m usually busy wrapping presents, baking cookies for Santa, and visiting all the homes of my army size family. 

Decoration discounts and presents sales that are offered before the holidays allow my family and me to get all our shopping done in a timely manner. When my shopping and decorating is completed early I’m able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and spending time with your loved ones. 

So next time Grinch-like shoppers are at the store and stewing over the sight of Christmas displays next to the Thanksgiving turkeys, remember someone out there is saving money and maximizing their holiday experience.