High school tediousness never ends

I thought that when high school was over I would be done taking classes that I had no interest in. I was under the assumption that college classes would be different than high school classes. 

Sadly, one of the only differences is that in high school your teachers actually know you and care how you are doing in their class. The transition from high school to college wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be because the classes were still mostly about things I didn’t want to learn.  

After I finished my sophomore year at SSU I figured I had put all of the classes I deemed as useless behind me, but after starting my upper-division general education classes, I realized I was wrong. 

We only need to take nine units of upper-division general education classes but that is three classes that are, in my opinion, useless. I feel that as a third year I should have the right to take classes that I feel are necessary to better my future in my particular major. 

This semester I am taking two upper-division general education courses and two classes that are affiliated with my major. The classes that have to do with my major I enjoy going to and strive to do my best in ,but the other two classes I dread attending. I feel like I really look forward to going to my major classes because it is something I actually like learning about. 

A friend of mine said that he likes the idea of learning about different things that general education classes have to offer, but feels a though he isn’t going to use the knowledge again.

 I feel the exact same way, but only for classes that have professors who are good at their jobs and are excited to share their knowledge with students. 

A girl I sit with in one of my upper-division general education classes shared with me that she hardly ever wants to go to class because she feels as though it is a joke, and I completely agree. 

Last week we had a test and he allowed us to bring a sheet of paper, covered front and back of notes. He also gave us a study guide with majority of the answers that would be on the test. 

So of course I copied the study guide to fit onto one paper front and back, along with other notes I contributed. I don’t believe giving students all the answers to the test is the way to go when dealing with classes, but I also don’t want to have to study really hard for a class I don’t care about. 

I am not complaining about the fact that he made the test easy to pass. It is a general education course, after all, that I honestly don’t see the need to take - especially after all the lower division classes I took as a freshman and sophomore. 

I feel as though I have matured out of general education classes, that I am ready to live my own life taking classes that actually have a benefit to my life outside college. I don’t see the need in taking nine units of upper-division general education classes. I see it as a waste of time. 

I am paying for college to learn things pertaining to my major, so that I can be successful. 

I know the chances of getting rid of upper-division general education classes is slim, but if I have to take them I would at least like them to matter and be relevant to my life after college.