Professor remembers the fifth of November

Dear Editor:

When I saw that the Student Center’s Grand Opening is Nov. 5 I recalled listening to “Remember” on the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album one evening in San Francisco in the early 1970s. I lived with six other people near the Haight-Ashbury. Those were Good Times in San Francisco, and we often whiled away the evening hours listening to music, etc. The music was great, and it certainly matched our communal mood. Then the end of the song came -- ”Remember/The Fifth of November” followed by the sound of an explosion. (You can listen to the song on YouTube.) One of my friends let out a very long, thoughtful, “Wowww!” Turned out his birthday was Nov. 5. It was a very Magical and Meaningful moment for all of us. Imagine having the Beatles end a song with your birthday!

Well, that caused me to learn the significance of The Fifth of November. It’s Guy Fawkes Day in Great Britain. I will let you do the research on Guy Fawkes Day, but it should eventually take you to a novel written by Alan Moore and a recent film. I wonder if we will see many Guy Fawkes Masks at the celebration. And celebrate we can. The Graton Resort & Casino, also in Rohnert Park, is officially opening on the very same day. Party time!!

Robert Plantz, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Computer Science