Rec lets Seawolves get physical

I believe in fitness. I believe in the human ability of tearing the body’s muscle tissue into pieces and sweating 30 ounces of body fluid per hour just to end a workout feeling healthy, accomplished and sexy. At least, this is what I tell myself when I am on my way to the gym, just so I don’t change my mind and head back to my bed. 

For me, exercising one to two hours a day three days a week is enough. It’s enough to feel like I am in keeping myself in shape and doing something productive other than school work. 

I used to lift weights in high school for football in the fall and I also ran track in the spring, so it was easy to keep up my physical condition. Nowadays I’m content if my roommate and I manage to go a whole week without skipping a day of lifting. 

Recently, the Mauna Loa fitness center in the rec building made a small modification. The larger piece of equipment that included pull down bars and row machines was replaced by a new system equipped with ropes and medicine balls. I, personally, am not a fan of this new system as well as the techniques required to use it. 

“I hate it,” said junior Casey Anderson. “I used to lift consistently and now I want to get back into shape but I don’t like these unorthodox workouts.” 

I agree with Casey. I had a lifting routine that worked for me, and now I am forced to adapt to this new system.  This was not the same attitude for sophomore Bryan Labrie. 

“I really like it because I am able to do different workouts on the pull up bar, and I like that I can incorporate ropes into my workout,” said Labrie. “[I] used to live a really competitive lifestyle and still continue to set goals for myself.” 

This is a perfect reason for scheduling time in to go lift, although others have different motivations. Some go because they are training for a sports team they are part of. 

Others go because they want to escape the rest of campus life and obtain the ultimate high you feel after a productive workout. Then there are the students that frequent the fitness center just to get that attractive toned body. 

Going to the gym can also become a social event. It’s a way to bond with the other students that share a common interest of fitness. I benefit from having a partner to lift with because its gives me a reason to take breaks in between reps and the ability to interact outside the dorm. 

A reason really shouldn’t be needed to get out and better one’s body. SSU provides a state-of-the art recreation facility that is free for students to use and this is an opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

Leave behind the worries of being judged by everyone else. Stop listening to the voice in your head that says it’s not worth your time to go. 

There is nothing the feeling of knowing you are bettering your physical health, and our fitness center can help you accomplish that.