Please hop off bandwagon, fair weather fans

Everyone knows someone who is a fair weather fan. They’re the person who you had no idea even liked sports, and who begin to wear a jersey or the team’s logo just because they make the playoffs. Yet they cannot even name the starting players. 

For those of you who aren’t aware of what a fair weather fan is, let me explain. The definition of a fair weather fan is a fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well. During hard times they usually bandwagon other teams.

This brings about a large amount of frustration for a person like myself, who has stuck with my teams since day one. They usually don’t do well but I still support them and always will 

I consistently deal with the people who talk smack on a daily basis. Yet, even when people are giving me a hard time about my team, I remain a fan.

There was an instance where a certain baseball team won the World Series and people who I know for a fact have never watched baseball a day in their life came to school the next day with the most popular player’s jersey.

 I proceeded to ask when they became a fan and they claimed they were “always a fan.” I then asked them to name more than three players on the team, and they couldn’t. I proved my point. 

This fair weather problem has only been growing; I notice it immensely now that I live in the Bay Area. Personally I am not a fan of the Giants. However I was happy for the true fans when they won the World Series. I can’t say the same for the band wagoners. I knew they were just along for the ride.

 My Facebook and Twitter were suddenly packed with status updates excited about the Giants when they won last year. It’s funny how this year when they didn’t have a good season I no longer saw any posts about the Giants. 

Instead I saw posts about the Oakland A’s who were doing better than the Giants this year. Although I am not a fan of either of those teams, I felt annoyed for the people who were true fans. They must not appreciate the fair weather fans because they as true fans have stuck with their team since day one, through thick and thin.

Moral of the story is that no one likes a fair weather fan. It is frustrating to those who are true fans. My advice would be, pick a team and stick with them. 

Although it is unfortunate when your team has bad seasons, it makes the years that they are good so much better and more fun to watch. I believe you should invest in your team, and learn about every player, not just the popular or “good” ones. 

When you are a sports fan you experience some of the ultimate highs and ultimate lows almost as if you are a part of the team. 

That is the beauty of being a fan of a specific team. It’s a great feeling to have that loyalty, so try it and I guarantee you’ll get more out of it.