Goodbye: A Seawolves’ year review

If there was ever a time to feel like we’ve individually grown to become different, happier people, it would be at the end of a long and prosperous year of college. This year has been one to remember for many of us, and with so much happening in just nine months, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on what we’ve learned, and what to expect as future Seawolves.

Something incredibly important we agree on is to surround yourself with genuinely good people in your life, as it’s something that can work wonders for a college experience. Most of us wouldn’t be the people we are today if it wasn’t for those that have stuck around through all of the hardships.

As a campus, Sonoma State University has done its fair share of growing up as well, albeit, with some minor setbacks that need to be addressed. There is still much concern over the availability of getting classes, especially for sophomore and freshman students. Registration seemed to go by a bit smoother this semester, but there were a few cuts that needed to happen.

With the overwhelming response against the Academic Success fee, the result may have forced us to go without several kinesiology courses that will be missed by plenty of student-athletes. While we have yet to see the full backlash of not implementing the fee, next year definitely holds many new opportunities and chances for our campus as a whole.

What the fee really proved was that all the students have a say in what happens in our school. It’s hard to think of a recent time where our community stood up together and reached out to make sure something didn’t happen, and really tried to be more aware of the issues surrounding us overall.

The Student Center’s official opening had to be the biggest accomplishment, despite the controversy surrounding some of the expenses and the amount of times it was pushed back. Seeing all the work that was done while walking past the construction, with the finish product making its presence felt, it definitely made us proud to call ourselves Seawolves.

One thing we aren’t proud of, and still have a long way to go for improvement, is the amount of excessive drinking and drug use that continues to plague our campus. Although, an argument can be made that this issue will always remain a problem, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be something we need to be more aware of in the future.

Another thing that could never be stressed enough is the importance of getting involved, and we aren’t just saying that because of our positions on the newspaper. We do feel it’s OK to mess around for a while before getting serious about college or a career, but can’t truly explain how rewarding of an experience it is to do so, despite how little we go out these days.

With our campus population continuously rotating year in and year out, it makes it even more important for us to be able to send and receive necessary information throughout the school. Getting involved was one of the best decisions we could have made, especially when we’re
able to bring people together to be more active citizens.

We know Sonoma State University will continue to push forward and become an even closer community in the future, and could not be more ecstatic for the coming year—but we are also excited about enjoying a well-deserved summer break first.