Take advantage of summer

As we wrap up the spring semester, thus completing the 2013 to 2014 school year, the reality of those hot summer days begin to set into the back of our minds. I’ve already felt a change in weather patterns but the daydreams containing grains of sandy beaches between my toes, or the sun setting in the distance with a Corona in hand, seem so much more important to me than what I’m actually doing right now.

While people are packing up their bags and traveling back to the places they call home, I’m still unpacking my life into the new place that I call home. 

Establishing myself, including my goals and aspirations for the coming years is now the new journey I find myself taking on. Even if it has required me to change my current everyday routine, I know it will be well worth it even if it happens to be the most challenging ride of my life.

Now what cards will be dealt to me are merely up to the abundantly surrounding abyss, we call the universe. But I disagree; I believe we have the power to increase our opportunity by creating our own means to do so. I can create my own path and deal my own cards, even if it means dealing a third round of Kings Cup on multiple occasions. 

But I wouldn’t be able to make the decisions and changes that I am now if I weren’t able ground myself by finding my happy medium this year, and from this tough semester  I  know that I have done just so. It has mentally prepared me for my future: the best and worst to come. 

Keeping my options open for my final summer as a college student is the most bittersweet, double-edged sword up until this point in my life. I know, how dramatic. Do I get an internship, possibly another job or two and take more classes, or do I live it up in a Malibu beach penthouse with strangers on some beach?

Whatever I choose, it is potentially going to be so much different yet better than what I am currently doing every single day of the week. With so many options to choose from why couldn’t I at least try to accomplish them all, especially when the time has allowed it to be over the next three months.

By landing a theoretically moneymaking position, I will not allow it to fracture me in terms of my student graduation, but as an additional opportunity of growth and development as a person, adding additional notches under my résumé belt was just the supplementary benefit.

I have successfully conquered multiple 20 plus unit loads over my years as a college student, while also working a full-time job. So, taking a life altering opportunity wouldn’t require a second thought. 

Say I take two hard-core summer courses and pick up another job, I still plan on doing so with a smile on my face and here is the reason why. I know for me personally, it’s going to be an easy transition into the “after college work force” because I’ve already been doing it for multiple years effectively and enthusiastically and I will continue to do so until I feel like it is enough.

Chances are it may never be but one day I’ll look back, laugh and say hey, you did it. 

Summer 2014 is going to be the main test of them all, but everything I’ve come to learn and love will be scrambled all into one and I am still looking forward to it. I will not only do so confidently and willingly but I will do so successfully, just because I know I can. 

Cocky or confident, whatever you may call it, I don’t raise the white flag, I just burn it down and raise my own. It’s time for another opportunity; it just happens to be over the potentially best summer any student could ever have.