There’s no place like home after graduation

When I first moved out to California, I never thought I would be moving back in with my parents. I had gone to school in New York for two and a half years, and took a semester off to save money for a move out to the West Coast to start the rest of my life. As these last three years progressed it seems as though life had other plans for me, and it’s time for me to hop on board.

Originally from Rhode Island, my parents always told me to get out and explore the world, or at least the country. Going to school out-of-state was always being pushed on me, as my parents didn’t want me having the same fate as them; living out the rest of my life in the smallest state in the country. 

So, I was a good boy and did as I was told, sort of. I went to school at Hofstra University, and never imagined even leaving New York.  

After my sophomore year of going to a Division I private school, college was getting expensive, coincidentally I had just took my first trip out to California.

I knew I had to do something about the loan money that was building up too fast for me to handle, even though I didn’t want to. I loved the West Coast and immediately thought I could see myself here for the rest of my life. I looked into transferring, stumbled upon Sonoma State, and packed my bags for the move a year later.

One thing I didn’t do enough of was prepare for what was in store. Everyone I talked to was telling me that I needed to save money to prepare for the move. 

Unfortunately, I had just turned 21, and wanted to spend the semester I took off having great times with my best friend. Especially since I thought it was going to be for the last time. I had fun, yes, but am still now learning the hard way the repercussions of my actions.

I spent my semester away, and am now moving back in with my parents, three years later, because of it. But, you live and you learn. It sound cliche, but I guess I had to go through it. 

Even though I’m disappointed, this actually isn’t a bad ending to my college career. And those of you who will have to move back in with your parents after graduation, for whatever reason, should feel the same. That is, if you get to do it in the same manner as me, which I am extremely lucky and thankful for. 

My relationship with my parents is awesome. They trust me, let me make my own decisions and are letting me live back with them free of charge. I have guaranteed jobs that I don’t want to settle for, but for the time being, are my best option.

So many recent graduates are without a job, so if I have to move back in with my parents across the country to start working and saving right away, I should feel fortunate to be in this situation; and I do. 

When I thought I was ready to handle life fully on my own, I was wrong. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I know I am nowhere near the only person in my same situation.

Having just a little more free time with my parents can’t hurt, and will only help me become a better man and be able to take care of myself better when the time comes to finally leave the nest for good. Don’t feel bad if you’re in my shoes as well; there’s much more life to be lived and learned from.