Student questions parking citation policy

Dear Editor:

 I would like to recognize the parking policemen and women for their diligent work this new year, citing any and all student vehicles seen parked in violation of “No Valid Permit.”  A semester parking permit is a minimum of $97, the General Permit being the most “budget friendly” for the full-time students. 

Yes indeed, the parking police were coming in hot with the No Valid Permit citations. There is no such thing as having an expired permit; there is only strict penalty without a “valid” one. 

Since being a student at this university, I’ve received emails regularly from the school. Last year I received emails for over a week pertaining to the maintenance on an elevator, and campus electricity outages, and etcetera. Although these emails were typically mundane, they were nonetheless sent to the student of common courtesy. 

Surely, someone else can see the irony in a situation such as this.  Who are the parking police truly servicing in this deal? A simple email to remind students would be on a basic level considerate, much appreciated by the students, and most likely effective. 


Thank you for your time,

Geena Woods