Fitting the mold

Growing up in Southern California, and more importantly San Diego, there was a lack of diversity in my school. The mold could be difficult to squeeze into because of the ideal that you had to be blonde, skinny and most importantly have money in order to be what high school calls “popular.” Thinking back on high school, I never realized how big of a bubble I was living in until I drove my way up to Northern California. 

Introducing myself to my roommates on Facebook was a breeze. However after looking at their profiles on Facebook and their pictures on Instagram before move-in day, I suddenly felt self-conscious. 

I hate to admit it, but beneath all of the likes and throwback Thursdays, I saw girls that seemed like they had it together; they were popular, pretty and smart. The perfect recipe that could hurt a shy girl’s self-esteem. 

After spending a month with my roommates I have come to an important and crucial idea: high school doesn’t matter anymore. Nobody cares if you were the cheer captain or the president of the world, all they relatively care about is your personality. 

That may sound a little cliché, but I truly believe that every human being has a significant story to tell. 

In college though, one does not have to share that story if they don’t wish to. They can be whoever they want to be and nobody can judge them on their past.

I didn’t have to introduce my self to my roommates and say, “Hi I am Shannon and I used to be super shy in high school and my sister was in an accident and...” All I had to show was my true personality and I was fine. 

And by fine, I mean my roommates are now some of best friends. Even though we come from completely different lives, we are still able to stay up till 3 a.m. talking and sharing the stories we want to tell, not the ones that we want to forget.

In high school, it seems as though one was born into their ranking. At an early age, it was basically decided who one would be in high school. As soon as someone picked up that instrument, grabbed a pom-pom or chose that volleyball, it was decided. 

Yes, some are different and end up changing direction completely, but for the most part, people act upon what the societal mold has told them. In college, there are thousands of students who come from completely different backgrounds and places, one can be whoever they want to be. 

It’s always a concern for new college students if they are going to meet people and have that amazing social life that was always portrayed in the movies. 

But what they don’t understand, because of the bubble that was put around their lives from an early age, is how much diversity is in college. 

One can introduce themselves to whoever they want to. Regardless of what they look like or what they do. High school created memories that shaped who we are. 

Although this could be a negative or a positive effect, it is without a doubt true. It is one’s choice to let those experiences define who one really is.