No place like home

Feeling the blues during the holiday season is  normal. But it can be especially hard for college students. Family traditions are replaced with staying up all night for finals. The blues are bound to hit us this time of year.

With a four-day break coming around the corner for Thanksgiving, it can leave people feeling homesick and yearning for the familiar feeling of home. There’s just nothing more comforting than massive amounts of food being placed right in front of you. Personally, when my mom cooks, she puts a heaping amount of love in there as well. 

When the four days fly by and you’re back in your dorm or house, the sinking feeling of preparing for the last couple weeks of school comes settling in. If anything, this feeling makes me want to get right back on that plane and fly home in order to get out of the dreaded finals week. 

It’s a tease really being home for such a short amount of time. Maybe it’s just because I am an only child, but each time I am home for either a weekend or vacation I am fully pampered, which makes it that much harder to leave. I think parents and family members miss us more than they lead on, so when you are finally home bring on the kisses and breakfast in bed.

Admittedly, I find myself acting like a child again when I’m around my parents and have to remind myself that I am “mature” 20-year-old. But sometimes there is just no better feeling then escaping reality and the responsibilities we all face each day being on our own in the “adult world.”I still can barely cook chicken and I’m in my third year of college, so taking advantage of that turkey coming up is a must. Missing the traditions I’ve grown up with is easily the hardest part of being away.

Picking out the ornaments to put on the Christmas tree, attending a holiday service at my favorite church and singing carols with the neighbors are just a couple things I find myself missing during this time of year. Depending on when you’re planning to go home, it can be difficult missing out on such sacred times. As hard as beating homesick is, I’ve found that it becomes easier each year. Discovering who you are and creating your own home at Sonoma is something that takes time, but will happen if you stick it out.

Believe it or not, last winter break I was home for the entire time and I found myself counting down the days until I was back at college. 

Staying busy and getting out of the house would have to be my number one tip to beating the homesick blues. Your life may be changing, but family will always be there.