Editors need to edit better

Dear Editor,

I read the Sonoma State STAR edition of Feb. 10 to Feb. 16. I was surprised at the poor writing, misuse of words and high number of cringe-inducing phrases and sentences.

Is anyone editing the paper for grammar, usage and readability? It was embarrassing to read “the edition of Grier to Sally Tomatoes already impressive comedic pedigree…” It should be “addition” and the possessive apostrophe is missing. Almost every article had an impressive number of mistakes, often more than one in each sentence.

The article on the smoking ban was filled with mistakes such as, “Sonoma State has long felt we [sic] could do more to protect our students’ [sic] and employees from second-hand smoke.”

I would never hire anyone who came to me with these articles in their portfolio if I expected that person to write business letters or professional documents.

Mia James is a resident of Santa Rosa.