It's time to save the planet

With Sonoma State Universtiy students able to attend the pool in February, it’s quite obvious something is off about today’s weather. After only a few rainstorms, the weather in Sonoma County has taken a turn for a  warm winter. 

Flowers are already starting to bloom, which is another realization that our world is going through global warming. I can’t help but ask, is our world really coming to an end?

Scientists are equally divided over whether our recent occurrences of abnormal weather is due to global warming or the natural cycle of weather. 

However, I don’t think there’s anything natural about the lack of rain or the random warm weather. 

It’s February, people shouldn’t be wearing shorts or flip flops. When I was growing up, the type of climate in February was cold and cloudy where people wore jackets, scarves and boots.

Some may ask, what is causing the climate to change so drastically?  There is an increase in greenhouse gases and the pollution of the past 50 years are making our cloud cover denser. 

This causes the Earth’s heat to be pushed back into the surface, instead out into space, allowing more moisture to be trapped in an endless cycle. The only way this cycle can be broken is by human intervention. 

Meaning that if we want our Earth to go back to the normal cycle patterns we are used too, it’s time somebody stepped in and did something about it.

Therefore, it’s time people realize the human activity that is taking place on this planet is destroying it. The pollution that is being created is horrible for not only the environment, but for one’s own well-being.  

Just think about how the pollution is affecting the Earth’s atmosphere and what it could be doing to a human’s lungs. 

The climate change should not only be a warning about what is taking place on this planet, but also what humans are doing to their health. 

Another huge component to abnormal climate is the fact that while the east is forced to face tons of rainstorms, the west is struggling to keep their grasses green. 

The current drought in  the west coast is starting to get more extreme. Each year there is desperation for more rain, yet barely any is getting received. In fact, the rain level is dropping, when it needs to be increasing. 

2014 was a rough year for the west coast as water had to be taken from numerous lakes to meet demands. 

Bringing disappointment to those who enjoy water activities such as boating or camping. 

As those hoped, 2015 would bring more rain and snow, all it brought was devastation. Even though Sonoma County did have a couple of harsh rainstorms, the rain level is nowhere near where it needs to be.

Tahoe was only given minimal snow, and the west coast depends highly on the snow because when it melts, it turns into the water supply that is needed. 

Also, the lack of snow disappointed those who enjoy snow activities. Personally, as a snowboarder I couldn’t help but feel distraught as I only  enjoyed fresh powder once this season. 

Further, now that the weather is jumping ahead into spring, any snow received is limited before it turns to mush.  

With the west coast drought and increases in pollution, it’s only a matter of time before humans are forced to step in to save their planet.