Empowerment of a vegetarian lifestyle

There are two opinions when it comes to eating meat, either you love it or you hate it. The difference between the two, is one overthinks where the meat comes from while the other enjoys the taste. I have been a vegetarian for the past eight months and I couldn’t be happier. 

Although I grew up in a family of meat lovers, now that I am on my own and choosing my own lifestyle, I am able to choose what I want to eat. 

After watching documentaries like “Food Inc.” and “King Corn” I am satisfied with my decision to not fill my body with the type of meat that is showcased  in these films.

Growing up in a family where meat was always the main course of a meal and then choosing to become a vegetarian was definitely a big decision. Saying my family was surprised by my decision is putting it nicely, but that was at the beginning.

They have now come around to the idea because they love and know that I know what I’m doing. It had always been a thought in my mind when it came to ordering a meal, what if I decided to only eat fish and cut out all meat from my appetite? 

Then on Fourth of July, while at a family barbecue we were eating steak and I had the most bloody piece of meat. It was then and there that I decided to give the vegetarian lifestyle a try. 

At the time, I received  news that Foster Farms had a recall on their chicken, pushing me even more into my decision. 

 Many will disagree on the vegetarian lifestyle and will jump to the conclusion that in order to survive one must eat red meat or chicken for  protein.  

However, there are a lot of new options out there. Besides tofu, grocery stores have multiple options when it comes to getting sufficient protein.

From chickenless chicken nuggets to meatless meatballs, there are many different choices to choose from, all very high in protein. 

Another substitution a vegetarian could enjoy is finding the protein from another source like granola or wheats. To stay extra healthy, an individual could make sure they’re  up to date on their health by taking extra vitamins. Oliver’s Market supplies many different types of these vitamins in their health aisles. 

When it comes to this lifestyle it’s easy to see why it’s a more healthier one in today’s world with the type of food industries that process our food. 

In the documentaries, “King Corn” and “Food Inc.,” it’s these type of industries that play the main focus. The films are able to show the audience exactly the type of process happening in order to deliver America their food. 

An example of this is the mass production that takes place as well as the inducement animals go through to satisfy humans stomach. 

Luckily, I watched the films after already choosing the vegetarian lifestyle or else the films would have definitely changed my mind before the next time I decided to bite into a hamburger.

The documentaries are able to go behind the scenes of the type of work that are part of our food industries. They share the secrets corporations are trying to hide. 

 It’s only a matter of time before either our food industries are forced to change their ways, or everyone will choose to live a meatless lifestyle.