Will tattoos, careers ever go together?

Going away to college provides people with a freedom they never had before. With no longer having to live under their parents’ roof, means not having to always seek their approval. 

This allows people to have full control of their own appearance. Some might go a little extreme and decide to dye their hair a neon color or dress in a certain way they feel they couldn’t before. 

As long as it’s not permanent, their parents won’t freak out too much. But what about a tattoo?

As a college student, one is always wondering what type of career to pursue for the future. 

Focusing on what to study, as it will determine the type of field they will be working in, the places they will go, the people they will meet. 

When it comes to getting a tattoo, a person’s career is not what goes through one’s mind. 

Why should it be? Tattoos can hold many different meanings to a person, whether it signifies a story or an event there is always a reason why that person chose that tattoo. 

When it comes to the majority of opinions on tattoos, it’s very black and white. Either a person likes them or doesn’t, however there is always the argument of what type of employer is going to hire somebody with tattoos.

In an article by the Huffington Post, writer Adam Stones addressed this issue questioning if tattoos and careers will ever go together. 

Stones pointed out the judgment some people have when they see others with a tattoo, leading them to question that person’s level of professionalism. But why? 

Tattoos hold such a strong stigma, making it easy for people to quickly judge. Instead of wondering why one has chosen to have that specific drawing permanently on their body, all they see is ink and a mistake. 

Stone writes that for some reason tattoos, drugs and jail have been put into the same stereotype. This stereotype is ridiculous, just because somebody has a tattoo doesn’t make them a criminal. 

But, times are changing and more and more people are getting tattoos, which is helping the stigma die down a little as tattoos are becoming more common and acceptable in our society.

Third-year Sonoma State student Jessie Callen plans on becoming an elementary school teacher after she graduates from the Hutchins program, yet that didn’t stop her from tattooing her grandmother’s favorite flower on her left foot.

“The loss of my grandma was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever been through,” said Callen. “I was depressed for a long time and that’s when I decided to get my tattoo. It really did help me with the grieving process. It was like my own little personal piece of her that is able to go with me wherever I go. When I look at it now I can’t help but smile.”

Wanting a professional career shouldn’t keep anybody from getting something for themselves that signifies something special to them. 

A lot of people use tattoos to help them cope with a rough time in their lives and it’s able to bring them something they couldn’t find anywhere else. 

Also, the tattoo could be a symbol of what brings that person happiness or of something they hope to achieve. The point is, there is always a story behind a tattoo and a majority of the time it’s a pretty meaningful one. 

That’s what people need to start seeing whenever they see an individual with a tattoo.