Secrets to longevity

In this world, death is inevitable. It’s going to happen at some point whether or not a person is ready for it. However, what if there was a way to prolong it just by simply choosing to live a certain lifestyle?

Specifically, eating healthy, participating in physical activity, maintaining stable relationships and having a little faith are options that seem to lead to a healthy and long life. 

Another thing one must try to do is to remember to stay positive and to see life in a certain light. It never hurts to count one’s blessings, as it helps a person experience and feel gratefulness to see how much they are truly blessed, but it also helps with the overall outlook they will have on life.  

“Eat and sleep and you will live a long time. You have to learn to relax,” said Miso Okawa, during an interview with the Japan Daily Press. 

Okawa was given the title of the World’s Oldest Person alive, living until age 117. On Wednesday, the record titled woman died in her nursing home due to heart failure. After living an already long life, she  was first given the record title at age 114  but before her death she shared her secrets to living a long, healthy lifestyle. 

The article stated Okawa’s daily routine at her nursing home as she always made sure to eat three meals a day and sleep eight hours every night. Japan Daily Press also pointed out how Japanese people are able to live long healthy lives as the average lifespan of a woman is 85 and a man is 79. 

The key to living long? Experts say it’s something to do with the Japanese community support, their strong healthcare system, physical activity, stability from family and the healthy diet they consume. It’s not a secret the Japanese culture eats healthier than Americans. Their meals are mostly consumed of fish, vegetables, rice and fruit while Americans are all about the meat. 

Although diet plays a main role in an individual’s health, there are many other key components that should be brought to one’s attention. Gertrude Weaver from Arkansas was given the title of the World’s Oldest Person after Okawa’s death; she is 116 years old. 

Although Okawa believed her long life came from eating healthy, Weaver believes to live long one must be kind to others. 

In an article done by Yahoo Health, Weaver said, “I love God. I worked hard, and I loved everything and everyone around me.” 

Proving that the way one sees and puts themselves out into the world can have just as much impact as living a healthy lifestyle. 

The  article goes on to state how having religious faith can lead to health perks, having a respectful and positive attitude can lead to a longer life, as well as having a strong work ethic.  Okawa and Weaver both agree on how important it is  to have a community, the bigger the social circle, the healthier.  

However, even though following these women’s lifestyles does not lead to a guaranteed 100-year lifespan,  it sure doesn’t hurt to try.