Benefits of quick, healthy food

The opening of the organic vegetarian restaurant Amy’s Drive Thru within Rohnert Park has provided residents with a new, healthier eating option. With the popular fast-food restaurant In-N-Out right next door, Amy’s is trying to change the way people grab a quick meal.

The well-known frozen food brand Amy’s Kitchen that has been around since the late 1980’s is now expanding to show customers that the company wants to revolutionize the quality of food that drive-thru restaurants serve. The process through which the food is prepared is different from many other fast food restaurants. Amy’s tries to use the freshest vegetables and highest quality pastas, grains and beans.

“I think Amy’s is a great addition to a college town because it gives students and even the families that live in the area a healthy yet inexpensive option for a quick drive-thru meal,” said Sonoma State junior Jenna Herzog. “Plus it tastes really good too.”

The items on the Amy’s menu vary from different types of individual pizza, to meatless hamburgers and organic milkshakes to healthier drink options; giving customers the chance to not only change the type of food they eat while dining out, but also gives them the opportunity to have healthier eating habits. Now that there is finally a drive-thru restaurant dedicated to serving vegetarian food means those who choose the vegetarian lifestyle now have a place to get their fast food fix.

Even the design of the building reflects the values of the restaurant. With the use of solar panels, a roof made of living grass and a water tower to collect rain runoff, Amy’s is transforming the type of restaurants that can be found in Rohnert Park. It is a place that not only looks after its customers, but also for the environment by trying to cut down energy and water usage.

The very look of the restaurant grabs people’s attention, which could be one of the reasons people would want to try it out. Having a location built next to the casino also helps catch passing traffic of those headed to and from the area. I remember thinking it looked so out of place the first time I saw it, but now I think that’s one of it’s coolest factors.

 “After living in Rohnert Park for many years now, I’ve been noticing recently that the opening of Amy’s Drive Thru has brought a great deal of attention to the area,” said resident Kiki Winslow. “While I’m not vegetarian, I still believe that this was a wonderful restaurant to be built by us because it gives everyone the choice to eat healthier when they want a quick meal out.”

 After driving by Amy’s Drive Thru multiple times, the long line in the drive-thru makes it apparent that people are anxious to see exactly what’s so great about the restaurant. Not only are the choices better for our bodies, but they’re also better for our wallets. Most of the items on the menus are around only $5, making for a cheap meal you don’t have to feel guilty about after. Open daily from 10:30 A.M. to 10 P.M., Amy’s can be the go-to place for a quick lunchtime bite or a late night craving.

 I believe that Amy’s Drive Thru is a positive addition to the community. With Rohnert Park growing and expanding, Amy’s Drive Thru is yet another place that will attract people to the area in order to try the food that’s stirring up commotion for its inexpensive, yet healthy options. People are coming from all over to get the chance to experience this restaurant can only help the area and surrounding businesses by bringing more business to the city.