Getting a grip on gun violence

I know I don’t stand alone when I say that I am absolutely tired of reading headlines such as “Three Shot, One killed, Near Sacramento City College.” .
My feelings of shock and surprise have long ago been exchanged with extreme emotions of rage and bitter annoyance above all. Why does our so called “progressive” country still permit us to own guns?
The principle by which we are all now permitted to own guns was a great one, and a progressive one at that; however, it is no longer a reason that is applicable to our modern day American society.
The constitution, though brilliant and timeless in many aspects, is proving to show that it too needs adjustments. Allowing Americans the liberty to own a gun was the government’s way of saying, “the power stays in the hands of the people.” It was our way of ensuring that if the government ever tried going about any funny business we could fight back and return the power to the hands of the people. A brilliant idea, and a great foundation to the values of which our country abides by today, yet this law is now very outdated.
Our government today, despite its problems, is very stable and continues to be an exemplary system around the world.
Now I cannot speak for those who believe in conspiracy theories, however I can say that it’s extremely unlikely that there will be a dictator, downfall or overthrowing of our government anytime soon. If there were, no matter how many guns we all had, it’s highly unlikely we’d be able to overthrow our governments military; the largest and most funded in the world.
So when people say “I need a gun to keep our government in check,” let’s be honest, we all know you and your gun couldn’t do anything against the US military, and that’s assuming that you’d even volunteer to step up and challenge them in the first place.
Shooting for sport is another reason why people are so attached to their guns. Sure, if you have that dire need to go and shoot something whether it be cans or game, the solution could easily be found in setting up shooting ranges of various sorts where all your shooting desires may be fulfilled within their legal restrictions.
Such has been done in Australia after countless mass murder shootings and it’s had exceptional results. According to CNN, since the Port Arthur massacre, the danger of dying by gun violence in Australia has fallen by more than 50 percent.     
A study by Andrew Leigh of Australian National University and Christine Neill of Wilfrid Laurier University in 2012 study states “the buyback led to a drop in firearm suicide rates of almost 80 percent in the following decade. In the 19 years since the announcement of legislation specifically designed to reduce gun massacres, Australia has seen no mass shootings.”
Implementing much stricter laws around guns and buying them back could mean we wouldn’t have any illegal hunting of endangered species in our country and we’d keep the guns (and the people who love guns) in designated areas, kind of like gamblers and casinos. In this way, everyone can be happy. Those who love guns and shooting will have a place to do so therefore there would be no need for people to feel the urgency to purchase a gun out of self-defense. The only reason we need guns to protect ourselves today is because so many other people carry guns without understanding the responsibilities and consequences that come with it. Moreover; is there any logic behind our country deeming us responsible with a gun at 18?
I spent this past academic year studying in Madrid and never once did I hear of an accident, police incident or murder involving a gun. During my first two weeks back in San Francisco I had already heard of two incidents involving guns and a tourist, in what is supposed to be a safe neighborhood.
The upsetting reality is that we are not a culture responsible enough with weapons and in all honesty there really is absolutely no need for them, aside from sport.
If we get rid of guns on our streets we get rid of so many other problems that come with them, from gang violence, accidental police brutality attacks, to murders in elementary schools.
How many devastating, disgusting headlines are we going to let stack up before we decide to change something about the frighteningly easy accessibility to fire weapons in our country?