Prop 60: Don’t roll your eyes, it’s for public health

Sixty-six percent of people in the porn industry have herpes. This is why Proposition 60, the Condoms in Pornographic Film Initiative, is on the ballot.
Proposition 60 would require the use of condoms during the making of pornographic films that involve intercourse and would require the producers of these films to finance checkups, tests and vaccines.
The porn industry is a business, and the film companies should take responsibility for the health and well-being of their workers. Just as the construction industry requires helmets, the porn industry should require condoms. For a business that has such high health risks, precautions are necessary.
According to $4.9 million dollars have been raised in support of the proposition, while a mere $445,000 have been raised in opposition. The sole contributor of the support money is the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Yet, even with so much money raised in support, polls indicate that only about 53 percent of people are in favor of the proposition.
Proponents of the proposition argue the new legislation would lead to lawsuits and would violate the privacy of the workers.
Still, compared to the threat of disease and even death that are huge risks in the porn industry, lawsuits and privacy seem irrelevant. In the industry, 100 gay and straight performers have died from AIDS and there have been 26 reported cases of HIV since 2004, as well as 2,396 cases of chlamydia and 1,389 cases of gonorrhea, according to Stanton Healthcare. With Proposition 60, the number of STD cases and deaths in the porn industry has the potential to dramatically decrease.
The proposition states the film producers would be responsible for not only providing the condoms to performers, but ensuring performers are wearing condoms during performance. Many don’t like this idea saying producers shouldn’t be held responsible for such a personal decision. This may be plausible in the real world but in a business there should be someone looking out for the workers and ensuring and encouraging safe practices.
Not only would the proposition protect those in the porn industry, it would protect the general public as well. There are about 40 million people who view pornography   on the internet in the United States. Without proper sex safety measures, the spreading of disease and infection from the industry to the general public is greatly increased.
Proposition 60 will also require adult film producers to get state health licenses and will require notices to be posted in the filming location stating condoms are required during sexual intercourse. The porn industry is loosely regulated and enforcing these new laws would help create a future atmosphere that is more responsible and more accountable.
Food workers are required to wash their hands after using the restroom, citizens are required to wear seatbelts while operating a vehicle, cafeteria workers have to use gloves while handling food and performers of porn should be required to wear condoms.
All of these practices are in place in order to not only keep the individual safe, but to keep others safe as well.
Individuals are free to choose whether or not to use a condom or other health safety practices at home, but when working for a business precautions should be taken and regulations enforced.
This not only helps keep the performer safe but ensures the health and safety of their partner as well.